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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Still Good

Six of the seven days a week God would send manna to feed the Israelites. The seventh day was the day to rest and eat what they had been given the day before. 

The lack of fresh food on each seventh day was in no way a slight to the Israelites. God had already supplied their nourishment the day before . They needed to eat on what had already been supplied. It would get them through to the first day of the week. 

At times we may struggle with discontentment. We may think that God doesn’t care about us because we don’t see any new evidence of him in our lives…we may feel like we are living on the seventh day. 

But the older blessings from prior days still count. They are a reminder of his love towards us. They are still praiseworthy. And they should be enough to sustain us until we feel the blessings coming fresh again. 

Scripture taken from: 

Exodus 16:15-26

II Peter 3:1-2

Stand in Awe


The wise men fell to the ground and worshipped their King, Jesus. 

Not because He had proclaimed great blessings on their life…or because He had just delivered them out of a stressful situation…or even healed them of physical ailments or financial ruin. 
They praised Him just because of who He was: King.
It is so good for our relationship with Christ when we worship Him for who He is not just for what He has done.
It gives us perspective of the awesome God we serve. 

Be Bold


The enemy was furious. The Israelites we’re building a temple for God. “Who told you to build this temple? Give us their names!”

The elders of Israel looked them square in the eye and said “the God of heaven and earth.”

Two things to notice:
1) the Israelites knew who they were working for 
2) they knew to make it about God, not themselves.

It is so much easier to do hard things when you remember that you are working for the God of heaven and earth. When you remember that the battle really isn’t yours but it’s His and He has it under control. 

God is for you. He is using you to bring Him glory. Be bold in doing His will. 

It’s Personal

“…my God is real for I can feel him in my soul…”

Not because I was raised in a Christian household…

Not because history records Jesus and his ministry…

Not because I just want to believe…

But my God is real to me because he lives in me…

The Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, the Righteous One lives in me.

This gives me encouragement to go on.



Matthew 5:48

I John 2:5

“Well, nobody’s perfect.” says the follower of Christ as he deals with conviction of sin.

Then he goes on. No remorse. No asking for forgiveness. Just a nonchalant “I knew that was coming” attitude.

But Jesus called us to be perfect, even as he is perfect.

In our flesh we can’t obtain this goal but through the covering of Jesus’ blood and reliance of the Holy Spirit not only can we reach it but perfectness is expected of us.

If we set our standards to our flesh we will fail.

But if we set our standards on Jesus, trusting in Him, failure isn’t an option.

A Calm Midst the Chaos


Philippians 4:7

Joshua 3:14-17

Probably most people like to wake up with the thought of having a predictable, peaceful day ahead of them.

I do.

But over the past couple of days almost everything that I’ve encountered hasn’t gone the way I’ve planned.

The amazing thing is what I felt through this time: God’s presence which translated into peace. I knew that He was with me and that He was going before me. I knew that He was in control, even though the current situation wasn’t looking too good. I could feel His presence.

Just like the children of Israel as they went to cross the Jordan River.

As they stood on the banks of the river, ark in tow, I’m getting the sense that they weren’t stressing over their situation. Even as the priests’ feet dipped in the brim of the water I would say they that they still felt the presence of God around them. And they allowed His presence to be the source of the peace and calmness they were experiencing.

Then their God showed out and made a way for them. Their feelings of peace were warranted. God had been in complete control the entire time.

Certainly they were thankful for the extraordinary event that had just taken place in their life. It was through this experience that their faith in God had been strengthened. This God filled moment provided them with a sense of security and built a bridge for future generations to be reminded of the glory of their God.

Allow Jesus’ presence in the midst of your chaos overcome you. When you do not even a rushing river will be able to drown out His whispers of peace.


Ecclesiastes 2:24

Enjoy what The Lord has blessed you with.

Choose Life

Psalm 135:15-18

Exodus 32:1-6

In Moses’ absence Aaron fashioned a golden calf for the Israelites to worship. He told them that this would be the god that they would serve.

The thought is mind boggling. People were actually praying to this statue. It couldn’t see. It couldn’t hear. It wasn’t living! How ridiculous it seems.





None of this is living either. Still yet some people choose to serve it. They become obsessed with it. Dedicating their lives to it.

To some people this type of material has become their idol.

But be glad because you have chosen a God that is alive. The God that lives and reigns forever more. He hears our prayers. He looks upon us as though we are the apple of his eye. He speaks to us. He is alive and well. He has always been and always will be. He is the great I Am.

Serving lifeless idols will get you nowhere. Serving the One True God will afford you life most abundant with an eternity spent with Him.


Ecclesiastes 5:4-5

As tradition is in our culture, today is the day we make resolutions. We decide we want to be a better person and the beginning of the new year is when we will begin making these changes.

Most often people do well keeping their resolution for a while then slowly it goes by the wayside.

We all know that this is usually how it happens so we pull God into our resolutions. We begin bargaining with Him. For example: God if I exercise every day I want you to help me to lose weight. We make statements that hold us accountable to God. And they do just that. We then are held accountable to God. Our resolution then becomes a vow before The Lord because we have called Him out and asked for His assistance.

Making a vow before The Lord is a serious matter. Here are some things to consider:

Did you pray to The Lord, asking Him what He wants for you?

Do you have a tangible goal? A goal that you can measure how you are doing? Something that will keep you accountable? e.g. I will exercise for thirty minutes every weekday.

Did you set a timeline for this vow? e.g. I will walk thirty minutes every weekday for six months.

I am glad that you have decided to do better. And I think it’s great that you have decided to include Jesus. Just remember that since you have enlisted His help in the beginning you need to continue to rely on Him. You need to realize the severity of this promise. God doesn’t take vows lightly so neither should we.

That all being said, if you do fail in your vow before The Lord, all is not lost if you seek His forgiveness. Remember though, He wants you to succeed. He wants you to obtain your goals. So I encourage you to pray, work and watch for changes to come to pass.

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