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Hard Working

Isaiah prophesied about the wickedness of the people. One of his observations was that they worked for the reward, as a person that loved gifts. 

Could that apply to you? Do you sometimes become consumed with just making more money? Does the bottom line become your god?

Everything we do should be seen as a way to honor God and worship Him. So keep giving your best, just make sure who you’re working for –yourself or your Savior.

Our Father’s Business


3 John 4

Luke 2:43-49

“Jesus!! Jesus!!! Has anybody seen Jesus??”

Mary, Jesus’ mother was in a panic. Apparently she had lost God’s only begotten Son.


Three days of backtracking led her to the temple where her twelve year old son sat, teaching scholars the Word of God.

“Where in the world have you been? Your father and I have been a total wreck!!”

“Don’t you know that I have to be about my Father’s business?” Jesus replied.

The memory faded as she watched her son being immersed into the water.

Again she realized that this was his Father’s business.

Tears streamed down her face as she heard the voice from heaven say, “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

Her child was pleasing to her God, his Father.

And that’s the greatest gift a parent can have. To know that their children walk in the truth, pleasing unto the One True God.

That’s what God desires of us too. A heart that is focused on the upbuilding of His kingdom.

Walk in the truth. Be about Jesus’ business.


Proverbs 29:18

Matthew 6:22-23

We are going to leave a legacy behind when we die. What kind of legacy would you like yours to be?

One of a great faith, a life lived in dedication to Jesus? Or would you rather be remembered as successful in your career, having plenty of money and fame?

If we are looking to The Lord, looking to glorify Him, looking for His return then our lives are a beacon of light.

However, if we are only looking to get ahead in this world, to see ourselves lifted up we are full of darkness.

Our vision is the indicator of our walk with Christ.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

From Dreams to Reality

Isaiah 58:11

Acts 9:1-20

Saul had a desire to start his life anew…to live for Jesus. The Lord guided him directly to where he needed to be for his longings to be fulfilled. Saul received the Holy Spirit….his journey had begun. His dream of living solely for The Lord had become reality.

Is there something on your heart that you would like to do for The Lord? Is it something that will draw you closer to Him? Something that will spread the gospel? Something that you know has been ordained by God?

Whether you’ve had this desire for only three days, like Saul, or have had it for years, don’t give up on The Lord.

Jesus says that He is the one who guides us…that He’ll satisfy our needs and He’ll also give us our heart’s desire according to His will.

What’s Your Plan?

II Chronicles 31:20-21

Hezekiah had a plan. He had determined within himself that he was going to do right by The Lord. That he was going to seek his God in all things. And that he was going to fully commit himself to every work for The Lord.

What’s your plan?

Do you start each day determining to be found blameless before The Lord? Or do you go about your day without any conscious effort of being Christ like?

Do you seek God’s will in your life? Or do you just go along without considering if you are doing what The Lord wants you to do?

Do you give yourself completely to God all the time? Or do you serve him wholeheartedly only when it’s convenient for you?

Follow Hezekiah’s lead: be blameless, seek God, give everything over to Jesus.


I Peter 4:2

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

Paul and Barnabas heard the chant as the crowd drew closer to them. They looked at the gates of the city and saw oxen being brought in to be sacrificed.

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

The crowd was heading in their direction.

The disciples put it together. They were the ones being called Mercurius and Jupiter. The oxen was going to be a sacrifice to them. The people were seeing them as gods.

“No!!” Paul and Barnabas tore their clothes. They ran to the people. “No!!! Stop! We are men, like you. We preach the one true God, creator of heaven and earth….”

Some people live their lives trying to reach a status where they are viewed as gods. Maybe they don’t actually think of it that way but the evidence says otherwise:

They accept all praise as if they were solely responsible.
They expect people to do exactly as they say.
They’re out to receive glory for themselves.

What are your intentions? Are you living a life like Paul and Barnabas? A life where you want nothing more than to glorify God and be found in His will and favor? Or are you going about pretending to be bought in to Christ’s plan but only living for yourself?

Do a self check.

To God be the glory.

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