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gifts vs The Giver of Gifts


Rejoicing over the power to cast out demons but not over the fact that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life is similar to…
•Giving counsel to someone without praying for God’s wisdom 
•Teaching others the Word without seeking the knowledge of Jesus
•Leading worship without the guidance of the Spirit
…If you’re making a bigger to-do over the gift than you are The Giver of Gifts you need to reprioritize. 

graduation gift


This study gives the graduate applicable ways to build a life founded on Jesus…and a life built upon Christ has blessings eternal.

Help your graduate to get off on the right foot or continue down the path God has for them.

Bless with them with this 16 lesson study guide based on what the Word teaches about humility.

Freely give 


My youngest daughter was insistent that I take her candy. I tried to refuse because I knew it was her last. She said “Mom! Take it! Janey will have more for me!”

She gave freely because she had freely received and as far as she knows the supply of candy will always be there. 

Do we love the same way? Do we share Jesus freely? Or do we become possessive of our gifts—forgiveness, grace and mercy to the point that we don’t want to share it with others because we want it only for ourselves? Because we deem only ourselves worthy of such great gifts? 

The gifts Jesus has bestowed upon you are abundant, endless. Don’t be stingy with what you have received. Freely give.

Parental Love

Time, attention, and presence. These are the gifts of love that Mordecai displayed as he daily checked in with Esther, his adopted daughter.

He, being fleshly, knew the gifts that would resonate with his daughter.

How much more our Heavenly Father knows to bless us!

Jesus is daily watching over you. He is giving great attention and detail to your life. He is with you always.

What parental love.

Favorite Gifts

photo (6)

I get so excited for the Christmas season. Not just because of seeing my family, spending time with friends and all the activities that go along with the holiday but because I look for Jesus to meet me at some point throughout this special time. I wait for Him to open my eyes a little wider to His truth, to be able to see Him a bit more clearly. Each year I look forward to this present the most.

Jesus never disappoints.

A few years ago my spiritual eyes saw the “swaddling clothes” a little sharper.  The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about what else He was wrapped in: Love, Peace, Authority, Righteousness, Truth…

Isn’t God good? He took a simple phrase and changed my view of Christmas from there on out. Since then “swaddling clothes” has taken on an entirely different meaning. I no longer see them just as cloth that kept Baby Jesus warm; to me they are a reminder of what Jesus was wrapped up in for mankind.

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