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Fruit Inspector

Galatians 5:22-23

Jeremiah 28:1-9

Hananiah, a false prophet, stood before the people of Judah and told them a lie. He said it convincingly. Enough so that the people believed him.

Jeremiah, a true prophet of God, stood after Hananiah and reminded the people that Hananiah would be either proven as a true prophet or false prophet based on the result of his prophecy.

How can we tell if we should be taking advice from someone? Following after someone’s teachings? Looking to someone for guidance?

Check their fruits. Are the fruits of the Spirit evident in their life? In what they do?

Hananiah was proven to be a false prophet because the prophecy he gave wasn’t fulfilled.

God has given you the knowledge to discern between a true leader and false leader.

Wisely, prayerfully, decide who you attach yourself to.

Growing Grapes

Galatians 5:22-23

Isaiah 5:1-4

Wild grapes. Even after the owner of the vineyard worked diligently to bring in a good crop. He only reaped wild grapes. Even though he placed his vineyard on good foundation, fenced it, took away the stones from the ground, picked the best variety of grapes and built a winepress to harvest the them. He still yet only grew wild grapes.

God has given you the best foundation to build your life on: Jesus. He has carved out exactly where you are now so that you can grow in Him. He has surrounded you with protection and is willing and ready to defend you. He is eagerly awaiting you to grow. He expects it.

You have been set up to be successful. Are you?

Is the fruit you’re growing a reflection of appreciation to God for His love, blessing and care that He has lavished upon you?

Or are you just growing wild grapes?

On The Lookout

Galatians 6:10

Exodus 17:8-13

Moses walked up the hill, rod of God in hand. Beside him walked Aaron and Hur, his friends. Below him Joshua was beginning to battle with the Amaleks.

Moses looked over the valley below. His men were fighting, under his charge. He raised the rod of God in his hand and watched Israel prevail.

Then he became tired. Physically probably from walking up the hill, from holding the rod straight up in the air for a long period of time. Mentally probably from realizing that the nation he was leading was winning a battle solely based upon his actions.

The pressures from the battle were wearing him thin.

His hands began to drop. The rod was no longer being held up. The battle started going the other way. Israel was losing ground quick.

In stepped Aaron and Hur. They provided Moses a seat. They held his arms so that they stretched the rod toward God.

They helped to shoulder Moses’ burden.

They took it upon themselves as if it were their own.

They had realized that the outcome of the battle affected them too.

Christians, don’t turn the other way when you see a person in need of encouragement or help. Instead bear their burden with them. Maybe you can help shoulder the responsibility through prayer, through actions, through example…but realize that the outcome affects you too.

We should do our best to help each other so that Christians can be viewed as a people that stand together and so that our God will receive at least a portion of the honor and glory that He is due.

Look out for your brethren.

Sacrificial Offering

Galatians 2:20

The poor widow woman gave “all the living that she had”. The woman’s offering was a sacrifice. There wasn’t any question as to who she put her trust in, who she chose to honor, who she dedicated her life to.

We should be found giving all that we are to Him. When we accepted Jesus as our savior we sacrificed our life to become a new creature in Him. There shouldn’t be any question about who we trust, honor and live our lives for.

Taken Care Of

Galatians 1:4

The children of Israel were given strict directions when choosing a sacrifice for the Passover. They had to choose a first year male goat or sheep, without blemish on the tenth day of the month. Then they had to keep it until the fourteenth day before they were to kill it that evening. Next they were told how to apply it to their doorframe. Strict orders were also given on how to eat and dispose of the sacrifice. Even their dress code and speed at which they ate were dictated to them.

Today a sacrifice for sin is still needed.

Unlike the Israelites, none of the pressure of securing a perfect sacrifice is laid on us. Jesus was the perfect Lamb chosen by God. Jesus came to this earth as the firstborn Son of God and of Mary. He came without spot or blemish and died after living a perfect and sinless life. He met all of the requirements of a perfect sacrifice. God’s choice was perfect.

But, just like the Israelites, we are responsible for what we do with the sacrifice once it has been offered. We have to choose to apply the blood of Jesus to our life. After that He will gladly lead and guide us in every detail of our life if we surrender it to Him.

How grateful we should be that our perfect Lamb has already been chosen and sacrificed. All we had to do was accept it.

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