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Using the Word to Encourage Others



you are the builder


Desolate can be defined as “a place deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness”.
The prophet Jeremiah speaks of people that choose not to build with a corner stone will be desolate forever. 
What do I get from that?: People who haven’t built their life founded upon Jesus will be left wanting. 
Know what/who you are building your life upon. Make sure that Jesus is at the base of everything you do. Only this foundation will lead to a prosperous life filled with abundance. 

Rooted On The Rock

Luke 6:47-49

The wise builder dug into the earth until he hit rock before he began building his house. Therefore his house could withstand harsh weather. The foolish builder built upon the surface. His house fell when the floods came.

Decisions are made daily based upon our opinions. If our opinions are rooted in Jesus’ teachings then we will be able to survive the hard times. If our decisions are made based upon the opinions of ourselves we will fail.

The wise man’s house was rooted on rock. What are your opinions and choices rooted in?

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