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Reigning Over You

The disciples were overwhelmed by the storm that they were in the midst of. It consumed them so much that they began to doubt Jesus’ care for them.

But when they went to Jesus they realized his authority. They became witnesses to the peace he commanded. They then knew that the most influential power was possessed by Jesus, not the storm.

In our trying times it is my prayer that we will always be found overcome by peace from our God instead of overwhelmed by the power of the storm.

Mark 4:35-41

Unlikely ➡️ Unbelievable

He wasn’t raised in a prestigious home. He didn’t have any background as a warrior. His family was poor.
His name: Gideon.
Gideon, the man that God chose to destroy Israel’s worship of false gods single handily. The man that led three hundred men to victory over thousands without drawing a sword. The man that Israel wanted for their king.
God may be calling you to do something that you are certain can’t be accomplished. If you were left to succeed on your own you’d be right. But God is with you. Just as He was with Gideon. Don’t put your trust in yourself. Place all your faith in Him.
God chooses the unlikely to do extraordinary things.
Judges 6 & 7

Cloud of Witnesses

Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Barak, Jephthae, David, Samuel, the prophets: these are people that lived out a life of faith. We can look to them for courage to continue to fight our good fight of faith. 
If you are struggling find these people in the Word. Look to how they dealt with jealousy, friendship, solitude, responsibility, trust, leadership, unworthiness, obedience, and pressure. God has given their stories to help us as we live out ours. Take advantage of the wisdom at your fingertips. 
Scripture taken from: Hebrews 11 & 12:1

Building Reliance Upon God

Gideon had gathered quite the army to battle against the Midianites. He had every reason to be confident in the strength of the men that he was going to war with. 

So God stripped down the number of men. He didn’t want the men to be deceived about who actually won the war: God-not them. 

It probably made the men hesitant. It may have made them to question if they were doing right heading into battle. But their feelings of fear weren’t valid. Because all along they were being prepared for a victory. A victory in not only winning the battle but a victory in building their reliance upon in God. 

We may face times that make us wonder if God is purposely setting out to have us suffer. It is never true. Jesus always and only works in love. He always has our best interest in mind. 

Scripture taken from:

Judges 6:1-2

Promise Keeper

“Isaiah, you mark my words. Before that baby is able to say ‘momma’ or ‘daddy’ Samaria and Damascus will be poor.” 
So Isaiah recorded the prophecy, just as God had told him to do.
What was the purpose of that? Was it so that God would have something to jog His memory?
Of course not.
It was for the benefit of Isaiah, the Israelite people and anyone else that wanted to know. 
The record was concrete evidence for them to look back on and learn that God always makes good on His promises. 
It was recorded so it could be an aid to their faith.
Promises of God fill the Word. Search them out. Know they are true. Record what the Lord has promised you and then note when it comes to pass. Look back to it when you’re in need of encouragement. 
Because God is always faithful. 

Pray and Work

Naaman knew that God was able to cleanse him of his leprosy by just speaking a word. But instead of being prayed over and walking away cleansed Naaman had to do something. He had to dip himself in the river seven times. This highly irritated Naaman. He knew it was unnecessary because God could just heal him. He pouted around and turned away before he finally surrender to doing things God’s way. As soon as he followed God’s plan he was healed.

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever petitioned God about something and then expected it to just happen? Of course it can work like that but sometimes God requires more from us. I doubt that a person will become a bible scholar without ever studying the word. Or rarely does a person instantly become a great pianist without ever playing before.

Often times we are asked to aid in the answering of our prayers. Not because God isn’t perfectly capable of answering them on His own but so that our faith will grow in Him.

II Kings 5:1-15

Hebrews 12:12

Wise Men Still Seek Him

the-three-magi-160632_640 (1)

The wise men found what they were looking for only because they followed the light.

King Herod had zero wisdom to offer them.

To get where the Lord would have us to be we need to seek only the Light of the World, Jesus.

He alone is sufficient in guiding us to where we need to be.

God’s Grace

Three years and three months ago my girls and I were living eight hours away from my husband five of the seven days a week. This went on for ten months. At the end of the seventh month the plans to purchase a house for all of us to be together again fell through. I spouted off at the mouth, accusing God of not caring.

My faith was barely there. But thankfully God’s grace was ever present.

Three years ago, almost to the day, we moved into the house that we now call home. We are without a doubt living the life God has ordained for us.

Not because of great faith (or lack thereof) that my husband or I possessed are we living the life we now live. But all because of the grace of God.

Sometimes we get focused on the amount of faith we have. We feel like because of our big faith we get what we want. Or maybe we question if our little faith prevented us from seeing the results we had hoped for.

But really it’s all about God’s grace and his plan for your life. The faith you have is sufficient. It has allowed you to accept salvation. This faith has erased doubt. It has opened doors for God to bless you as he sees fit.

So lay aside pride or guilt, you’re faith is a gift of God’s grace in your life. And God’s grace is what is to be celebrated.

Lamentations 3:22-25

Still Blessed


The woman gathered vessels from her neighbors to be filled by God with oil. This was a public display of her faith.

Later, within her own home and her door shut she and her two sons filled every pot to the brim. They did so privately.

Sometimes we experience situations or trials that seem to be on display for the world to see. As a result The Lord blesses immensely. Occasionally those blessings come intimately, between only you and Him.

That doesn’t make them any less significant.

God loves you. Allow him to show you that even when no one else is looking.

Psalm 25:14

II Kings 4:1-7

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