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Using the Word to Encourage Others




Ezekiel was told to warn the people of what was to come if they didn’t turn from their sinful ways. The Lord assured him that he wouldn’t hold him accountable for their responses but only for his obedience to the call.

On the surface we probably all understand that we aren’t held responsible for another person’s decision to follow after Christ or how they react to something that we’ve done to glorify God.

But has it really sunk in?

From time to time I have found myself judging my “works” on people’s reactions. But in reality those responses aren’t the criteria in which God judges. He judges my works on the obedience to the calling He has placed on my life.

There is so much joy in accepting the fact that we are only held accountable for how we respond, not the response of others.

Wall Wrecker


Every time the people turned around they were having to tend to the wall they built. A wall that was constructed because of lies and deceit. A wall that provided false security.

A wall that would eventually have to be destroyed before the people could move forward with God.

Have you built a wall around you? A wall to protect you, but it isn’t of God? A wall that you’re constantly having to tend to, to keep up with? A wall that is causing you nothing but grief?

Tear the wall down. Keep nothing between you and Jesus.

Stand before The Lord completely exposed. Lean on Him to be your support and protection.

Ezekiel 13:10-14


Galatians 6:9

Ezekiel 37:1-10

God chose Ezekiel to witness and take part in the resurrection of the dry bones.

Ezekiel probably experienced an array of emotions that tempted him to not see the vision completed. Excitement of watching the plan come together could have cause him to skip a step, to neglect doing exactly as God had told him. Fear or doubt could have caused him to give up when it didn’t go as he thought it should.

But the probable excitement didn’t deter Ezekiel. Neither did he give in to the likely doubt or fear. Instead he trusted in The Lord and watched the plan unveil.

Like Ezekiel, you have been chosen to take part in a plan to accomplish God’s will. Don’t allow fear, doubt or even excitement take you off course.

God has chosen you. Grow in Him and encourage others along the way.

See His plan to the end.

Make Your Move

James 4:14

Ezekiel 12:2-3

Let’s say that you’re in a wicked place. People are doing terrible things. And you’re in the midst of them. You want nothing more but for them to change their ways.

What could prompt them to consider change?

You. Walking in the other direction. Taking a stand against the evil. Separating yourself from it.

Boldly make your move.

Hide and Seek

Ezekiel 34:16

The sheep were scattered throughout the terrain. Some were hidden behind rocks. Others were stuck in the mud. Some were wandering in the opposite direction of the food source.

The shepherd went after those sheep. He put forth effort in finding them. Once he found them he led them out into a safe path, in green pastures where he could see them and they could see him.

People try to hide themselves from God. They go to places they know are full of sin. They hide behind the worldly success they may have obtained.

But Jesus pursues those people. He doesn’t just offer the obligatory call to Salvation once. Instead He finds them where they are. And He is adamant about them following Him.

That’s love. Jesus humbled himself again to come after you. He pleaded with you to come to Him. He sought you out.

Starting Point

Isaiah 57:15

Willingness to be a servant of God.

Completely surrendered to trust Jesus.

Obedient to the commandments of The Lord.

Ezekiel possessed these three qualities. He saw a great revival. Revival from dry bones. Bones that had previously been laying in a valley with no movement. He saw those bones get up and begin walking around as a great army.

Willingness to be a servant of God.

Completely surrendered to trust Jesus.

Obedient to the commandments of The Lord.

Apply these three qualities to your sin free, blood bought life to begin a revival within you.

Ezekiel had an affect on a valley full of dead people.

You could too.


Psalm 19:1

Throughout the Bible we are given beautiful descriptions of a river with fruitful trees growing along the banks of it. This picture of God’s creation is also a beautiful description of our relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is that river. He is our source of life. The fruitful trees are us, followers of Christ. We gain life and strength because our roots are connected to Him. To know that Jesus, the River of Life, is supplying our need for survival is humbling. Rooted in Him we can be found not only living but growing and producing fruit. He is the Giver of Life and we are the recipients, flourishing under His care.

If we have a desire to see God in His creations then we can learn so much about ourselves and The Creator. We will find ourselves drawing closer to Him, in awe of the beauty and symbolisms of His creativity.


Responsible Watchmen

Ezekiel 33:1-6

A watchmen has a lot of responsibility. From his viewpoint he can see the enemy coming. He can choose to be responsible and alert the people when an enemy is going to attack. He can also choose to neglect the people by not giving a warning. The people will suffer the consequences.

As followers of Christ we have been given a viewpoint like none other. We have been set upon The Rock, Jesus. Through His Spirit we are able to recognize the powers and principalities that have come to attack. We’ve been given the duty of watchmen.

What kind of watchmen are you choosing to be?

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