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Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Deuteronomy 10:19

Love Be patient, be kind, don’t think you’re better than another
Ye You
Therefore the Because
Stranger Foreigner, one unlike you, sinner
For ye Because you
Were Not anymore
Strangers Different, unaccepted, sinners
In the land of Egypt Place of bondage, not your home

To break it down


*Remember Egypt is a place that signifies bondage/captivity.

You, Christian, be patient, be kind, don’t think of yourself higher than a sinner, because you were once a sinner. You were bound by the chains of sin. But not anymore.

This scripture is great to remind us to be a humble people. It reminds us that we were once without a Savior. It teaches us to have compassion on the people still living in sin. To love them. To help lead them to freedom, the Light, Jesus.


Seeing the Chameleon

Matthew 7:7

Exodus 2:1-10

Bulrushes, slime and pitch.

Those aren’t the components that you would likely think are needed to make a life saving device.

But those are the exact things that were available to Moses’ mother so that’s what she used to make the ark that Moses’ floated in.

Sometimes we get bogged down thinking “if only I had this then I would be better off”.

Look around. Because if God has called you to do it then He’s provided you with the necessary resources you need to be successful.

You may have to get creative like Moses’ momma did and you’ll definitely have to trust that Jesus can bless it. But by having the desire to succeed, the willingness to work for it and faith in God you will be successful.

So stop wishful thinking, take what The Lord has given you and get to work.

Still There

Exodus 13:20-22

Psalm 27:8

God guided His people out of Egypt with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night…two different methods but the same message.

Because of the circumstances it was necessary for God to show himself differently even though His presence was always there…

Maybe you’re going through something and you’re wondering where God went. He hasn’t gone anywhere. He is still there guiding you, He might have just changed the way He is showing it.

On The Lookout

Galatians 6:10

Exodus 17:8-13

Moses walked up the hill, rod of God in hand. Beside him walked Aaron and Hur, his friends. Below him Joshua was beginning to battle with the Amaleks.

Moses looked over the valley below. His men were fighting, under his charge. He raised the rod of God in his hand and watched Israel prevail.

Then he became tired. Physically probably from walking up the hill, from holding the rod straight up in the air for a long period of time. Mentally probably from realizing that the nation he was leading was winning a battle solely based upon his actions.

The pressures from the battle were wearing him thin.

His hands began to drop. The rod was no longer being held up. The battle started going the other way. Israel was losing ground quick.

In stepped Aaron and Hur. They provided Moses a seat. They held his arms so that they stretched the rod toward God.

They helped to shoulder Moses’ burden.

They took it upon themselves as if it were their own.

They had realized that the outcome of the battle affected them too.

Christians, don’t turn the other way when you see a person in need of encouragement or help. Instead bear their burden with them. Maybe you can help shoulder the responsibility through prayer, through actions, through example…but realize that the outcome affects you too.

We should do our best to help each other so that Christians can be viewed as a people that stand together and so that our God will receive at least a portion of the honor and glory that He is due.

Look out for your brethren.

In It’s Place

Exodus 20:3

Tears of joy streamed down the woman’s face. She was overcome with love and gratitude. The Lord had blessed her with the desire of her heart. Finally, her prayers had been answered. Hannah had just given birth to a precious baby boy, Samuel, her firstborn child.

Within moments she remembered her prayer: “I will give him unto The Lord.”

This thought could’ve torn apart the elation she was feeling. She could’ve turned her back on God for requiring her to give Him her son. Very easily she could’ve allowed her son to take the place in her heart that belonged to God alone.

But she didn’t. She knew that God was the one responsible for the miracle she was holding. He was the one she should worship. Graciously, Hannah gave Samuel back to God.

Sadly people often times don’t follow Hannah’s lead. Parents choose children. Workers choose jobs. People choose hobbies. All above Jesus. They allow the blessings of God to become their God.

We are responsible for the hierarchy of our heart. Jesus should always be found at the top, reigning in our lives.

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