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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Stand Strong

Noah and his family were singled out….of the entire human population. They were standing on the principles of God….literally all alone. 
The people of the world had given themselves over to sinful ways. But Noah continued to seek God. He chose to not be concerned with the popularity of his choice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to go in the opposite direction of every human being. He was aware that he wouldn’t receive any encouragement from the wicked people. But he still chose God.
Noah recognized the reward of walking with God outweighed the risks of living without Him. Noah found strength and encouragement, peace and future from his Lord. It was enough to sustain him when he was persecuted. It was enough of an encouragement to keep him going when he felt like giving in. Noah’s desire to seek The Lord saved his life when everyone else around him lost theirs. 
Sometimes as Christians we may feel alone in this world. We may feel like we are being singled out. Don’t let your feelings dictate your decision making. Continue to lean on Jesus even when everyone else is seemingly walking in the opposite direction. Rely on Him for everything. He will bless you with life and life more abundantly.

A Junior Holy Spirit

John 3:16

Mark 10:13-16

Children swarmed around Jesus. They had been brought to Him just to receive His touch.

The disciples rebuked them.

Apparently they thought that the children weren’t capable of appreciating Jesus…maybe they thought that Jesus’ time could be better spent elsewhere…or perhaps they just didn’t like the thought of being recognized as followers of Jesus alongside a group of children.

Have you become as one of those disciples?

Do you catch yourself trying to decide who would be a good follower of Christ? Do you have the tendency to try to “screen” someone before you determine if they’re worth your time or prayers? Have you ever stopped yourself from sharing the Gospel because you didn’t want to risk being seen with that type of person?

Let me remind you that it isn’t your duty to determine who is fit for the kingdom of Heaven. It’s only your responsibility to share the Gospel, regardless of your opinion.

Share Jesus without discretion because He died for everyone.

The Consultant

Psalm 32:8

Ananias and Sapphira, husband and wife, had decided that only a portion of their goods should be given to God. Then they decided to act as if they were giving Him all of it.

They excluded Jesus from their plan.

Jesus, who had only thoughts of peace and blessings toward them. The One who would have loved to have guided them down a straight and narrow path of righteousness.

They left Him out.

It lead to their death.

Jesus is more than willing to instruct us. We just have to be willing to go to Him for direction.

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