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Using the Word to Encourage Others



a great prototype


When Josiah began his reign as King of Jerusalem life in the land was grim. The people were worshipping false gods. They had forsaken the ordinances of the Lord. The temple was in ruins. 

But when Josiah took charge things changed. He cleared the land of idol worship. He began repairing the temple. He reinstated ceremonies given by the Lord. The country did a complete turn around. 

King Josiah’s reign is the perfect example of what a Christian’s life should look like. 

Allow the Lord to get rid of the sin. Let Him restore you, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Be an example that people can follow after. Live so that people around you will benefit from your decisions. 

We all have an opportunity to become royalty in God’s kingdom. How will you govern?

A Living Example

Isaiah says for us to “cast up the highway; gather out the stones”.

Cast up the highway? Or modern day terms: “take the high road”.—-choose carefully how you react to situations, how you represent your God.

Gather out the stones? —-if you see something that has the potential of harming a person, physically or spiritually, get it out of the way. Look out for others.

We aren’t living this life just for ourselves. We are here to glorify Jesus. We can do that by showing His love to others.

Live a life that can be followed after.

Recipe for Success


Psalm 37:3

II Chronicles 17:1-12

Jehoshaphat was a king that loved God and kept his commandments. He protected the walls of his cities with armies of men. He removed false gods from within his kingdom. He also had the book of the law of The Lord taught throughout his land.

As a result he was honored by God, respected by man and his kingdom was made to prosper.

Most of us are looking for those same results. Simply follow Jehoshaphat’s example.

Make Jesus your King. Be conscious of what you allow in your life. Remove yourself from temptations. And diligently study the Word.

With your focus on Christ and ban on Satan your life will show the same results Jehoshaphat reaped.

Bite Your Tongue

I Peter 2:23

I Peter 3:8-17

What’s your reaction when you feel like you’re being wrongly accused? Or that you’re suffering blamelessly?

Is it defensiveness?

Do you act on it? Do you throw back hateful words? Do you seek revenge on the person? Do you seek to validate yourself and/or your actions?

Christ gave us the example to follow. He was reviled, but reviled not. He suffered, but did it silently.

He trusted God with the outcome.

Sometimes people may try to get under your skin…they might falsely accuse you. But instead of retaliation, Jesus teaches us to seek peace, to endure the suffering for righteousness’ sake happily even and without fear.

It’s hard…but expected.

Entrust your outcome to Jesus. He has the final word.


Romans 12:2

Love your enemies.

Jesus loves us, the very people that nailed him to the cross.

Return evil with good.

It was our sins that he had to die for, yet he blessed us with an option to spend eternity with Him in Glory.

Pray for those that use you.

Jesus hung on the cross and prayed “Father, forgive them for they no not what they do” as they crucified him.

Give without expectations.

He gave His life for us, each and every one of us, knowing that the decision would be ours to accept his sacrifice or decline it.

In our flesh we don’t want to do good to our enemies, let alone pray for them and love them. In our flesh we always want something for what we’ve given.

But in Jesus we aren’t our ruled by our flesh.

In Jesus we are transformed to be like Him.

Live the example that Jesus gave us on the cross.


Psalm 19:13

“…Lead me not into temptation…”

Imagine how much better our day would be if we began it with that prayer.

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