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What’s Yours?

Jehoidada, the priest prepared the security as best as he could to protect the coronation of King Joash. He had captains and guards near the entrances. The men had been given orders: if anyone opposes the new king take them out and kill them. 

There was at least one opposer to the new king. The guards did exactly as they were supposed to and followed the plan. The enemy was immediately taken out. 

It is so beneficial for us, as warriors in a spiritual battle, to recognize what ways the enemy might try to sneak in. We need to have a battle plan. You’re line of defense may be prayer as soon as you get attacked, or saying Jesus’ name. Maybe it’s preparing ahead of time by memorizing scripture and recalling it out loud. It could be staying away from situations that would provide strong temptation for you to sin. Or better yet a mixture of all the tactics. 

What’s your weapon of choice? Hone your skill. Be ready for when the enemy attacks.

Situation Evaluation

I Peter 5:8

I Samuel 17:45-46

How much easier is it to be in a battle when you know what you’re up against?

David named Goliath’s weapons. He said “thou comest to me with a sword and with a spear”.

But even more important than knowing what you’re up against is knowing who is on your side.

David’s next statement: “but I come to thee in the name of The Lord.”

Yes, it benefits Christ’s followers to be able to recognize the schemes of the devil. To see temptation for what it is. But even more beneficial is to realize that we don’t have to fear the enemy’s attacks because we have the Eternal Champion, Jesus Christ, on our side.

So be aware of what is going on around you but also be confident that you don’t need to fall prey to it.

Stand Firm

1 Peter 5:8

In Judges chapters 19 and 20 an old man hosted a couple as they traveled home.

The enemy came knocking on the old man’s door. They were looking for the traveling man.

The old man made a compromise and gave them the two women in the house instead.

One of the women turned up dead.

Tribe fought against tribe. Thousands upon thousands were killed because of the murder of one.

All because the old man figured it’d be okay to try and suffice the enemy.

Don’t be deceived.

It’s never okay to try to appease the devil. He will take what you give him and destroy everything he can.

Continue to give Jesus complete ownership of all areas in your life.

There isn’t any room for compromise.

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