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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Eye Opener


John 10:10

I Kings 17:8-24

Can you really appreciate the miracles of The Lord unless you’ve had a life and death experience?

I’m going with “no” based on the reactions of the widow of Zarephath.

Elijah had filled her barrels with meal and her cruses with oil in the middle of a drought. But that wasn’t enough to convince her that there was a God who reigned supreme.

Then her son died and was brought back to life. That was the game changer.

Death has that effect on people.

It has the ability to change a person’s opinion or perspective.

But even more so: life.

A person given a second chance at life is forever changed.

Just as this mother was.

Once she realized the resurrecting power of God she chose to acknowledge him.

Same for us. We are surrounded with blessings. God’s hand is all around us. But until we put away our flesh and become reborn into the family of Christ we don’t appreciate the blessings or miracles of God.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to acknowledge God’s mercy and provisions in your life?

Bask in his goodness.

Nothing Too Small


Matthew 7:7

II Kings 6:1-7

A group of men watched as an axe swam to shore. Surely they were amazed. First off, it was iron floating and secondly, why would God care enough about an axe to save it?

The miracle took place because the axe meant something to the man that lost it and our Jesus loves to bless His people.

Don’t think that you’re requests are too small or unimportant to God. He wants to hear from you. He wants you to bring it to Him.>



Matthew 6:33

I Kings 17:8-16

All Elijah wanted was a little water and a morsel of bread. That’s all he asked of the woman. No big deal….except for they were living in the midst of a three year drought and the woman had just enough flour and oil to make a meal for her and her son.

Maybe she could eat sparingly and then pass on the leftovers…surely that would be acceptable.

But it wasn’t. Elijah wanted the first serving. That’s specifically what he had asked for.

At first glance you’re probably thinking “really Elijah? This is her and her son’s last meal…”

But in reality Elijah was opening up the door for her and her son to be blessed. And by specifically asking for the first portion of the meal he was closing the door to a greater temptation to deny him. He also gave her a guarantee: If the woman did as he had asked she and her son wouldn’t have to go hungry during the drought another day.

The woman gave Elijah the first serving and was blessed just as Elijah had said.

This is a picture of our relationship with Jesus.

Put yourself in the role of the widowed woman and allow God to take the part of Elijah. The son could represent the cares of this world.

God comes to you seeking the best, the first portion of your life. In return you’ll receive blessings. You are then met with a choice: do you deny yourself and give to Him or do you take care of your needs first and give God what is leftover?

What do you choose to do when your confronted with this decision? I encourage you to be like the widow woman: choose to give God your best. He’ll bless you for it.

Coming Up Clutch

Psalm 18:3
I Kings 18:21-40

Elijah set up a contest: Whose God Will Accept the Offering?:The Prophets of Baal and Baal versus Elijah and The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

Whosever God would consume the sacrifice with fire was the God to be served.

The prophets of Baal made an altar and laid their bullock upon it. They began to pray to Baal. Nothing happened. They leaped on the altar begging for Baal to answer. Nothing. They started cutting themselves, pleading for Baal to acknowledge them. Still yet, no response.

Elijah steps up to the altar for The Lord. And for dramatic effect he douses it, the trench around it and the sacrifice with water. Then he calls upon Our Lord. Immediately God responds. He consumes the sacrifice and licks up the water from the trench.

Our God is clutch.

You can trust Him even in the most intense situations.

Redeeming the Time

Psalm 27:14

Elijah was a prophet of God. He walked in the ways of The Lord. He kept the commandments. God was able to use him because of his willingness and obedience to the will of The Lord.

One day Elijah made an announcement: “there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.”

Immediately after Elijah had made this declaration he began waiting upon The Lord to give him the word to pray for rain.

In the meantime he lived near a brook where birds fed him…he took part in the resurrection of a small boy…he disproved the prophets of Baal by the power of God…he lead an entire nation back to God…

All of this happened as he waited on God.

Elijah had continued to work for The Lord as he waited on His direction. He probably never imagined that it would be three years before God would have him to pray for rain…but that’s how long it was and Elijah was a faithful servant through it all.

You too should be about The Lord’s business as you wait upon Him. Continue to do His will in your life. Don’t come to a halt as you wait for Him to answer prayers.

Work while you wait.


Romans 8:28

A widow woman was facing a trying time. She was the sole provider for herself and her son. And she was living in a drought. She was down to the end of her supply. She had gathered two sticks and was going home to make the last meal.

On her way home she met Elijah, the man of God who had prophesied the drought. He asked her for some water. As she turned to go get it he also asked her to make him some food. She argued that she and her son were on the brink of death and that she had only enough ingredients for one last meal.

There was no way that the three of them could be sustained with the amount of food that was left. Elijah’s response: Don’t worry. Go on and make the meal. Just let me eat first then you and your son can eat. God will bless you for taking care of me. You’ll have enough ingredients to get you through the drought.

She did it. She went and made the meal and served Elijah first. And The Lord blessed her just as Elijah said He would.

Have you ever been in that place where the situation didn’t seem like it could get any worse just find out that it could? You had been asked to do the impossible and if you accepted the challenge you would be blessed. But everything in you was telling you to just go find your own way and you’d figure out the details later.

God sees the situations we are in. He knows how difficult they are for us. But, He, in His infinite wisdom also sees an opportunity to strengthen us, to grow us. If we are willing to go along with His plan, no matter how outlandish it may seem the blessings will flow.

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