Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Don’t Wait

The city’s water supply had been cut off. A passerby would never guess it. Because from the outside looking in the land looked great.
But the residents of the city knew what was going on.
They didn’t wait for the drought to become evident. Instead they sought the Lord immediately.
Don’t wait for another person to point out a drought in your life. If you find yourself lacking a desire to spend time in the Word, to worship, to serve, etc. go to the Lord in prayer. Seek Jesus’ face. Ask Him to fill your heart with the desire to follow after Him. 

Take Action

II Kings 3:16-17

God blesses His people everyday. Sometimes we don’t even recognize the blessings of The Lord. Other times we are well aware of the blessing because we are looking for it. We are ready to see it happen.

The army of Israel was preparing for battle. There wasn’t any water in the foreign land. They asked Elisha, a prophet, to ask God for water. Elisha told them to dig ditches and that The Lord would fill the ditches with water from the ground up. The Israelites dug the ditches and the water began to flow.

Daily we come before God asking for a blessing. Probably most of the time we just expect it to fall in our laps and that be that. Often times The Lord blesses in that way. But occasionally he requires us to put forth effort to receive a blessing.

The Israelites showed God their obedience to Him by doing as he commanded. They dug the ditches. This was also a representation of their faith in God. God took it from there. He blessed in ways that they would’ve never imagined when they first inquired of The Lord.

Continue to seek The Lord and His blessings. As you do be prepared to show God that you’re willing to take action so that you can become a recipient of the miracle he has in store you.

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