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Using the Word to Encourage Others




The Lord gave explicit instructions as to how the priests’ robes were to be made. From the engravings on the stones to the color of the embroidery–everything was spelled out.
God was in the details.
He wants to be in the details of your life too. 
So run everything by Him. Pause to get His input. Seek out His wisdom. He’ll bless your efforts.

The Builder

I Chronicles 28:20

I Chronicles 28:9-20

King David had the plans for the building of the temple all laid out. Every detail had been taken care of from the place of the mercy seat to the weight of the golden candlesticks.

His instruction to Solomon, the man God had instructed to build the temple: “be strong and do it.”

This is a perfect example of our walk with Jesus.

He has already devised the perfect plan for our lives. He even has all the details worked out for us.

We just need to step in line with Jesus and “do it.”

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