Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Love The Word

Psalm 119:127

Psalm 119:97-104

Do you have a love for the Word of God?

Do you lean upon it for strength? Do you crave it? Does it mean more to you than earthly treasures?

The psalmist was consumed by the word. He meditated upon it. He followed it’s precepts. He recognized it as the source of his wisdom.

He realized that staying within the judgment of The Lord was the best thing for him. Therefore he hated false ways and abstained from evil.

So if you’re lacking in love for the Word I encourage you to live it. Choose it’s righteous ways over evil. Think upon it and it’s truth. Apply it’s wisdom to your life.

When you put forth effort to live by the Word then there will be nothing else that can satisfy your soul. Because the love you find in the Word will spur a love for the Word.

Eternally Optimistic

Matthew 7:7

Jeremiah 31:15-17

As the mother wept for her wayward child God spoke peace to her soul…telling her not to give up hope, because it wasn’t over yet.

God is still working on you. He is still hearing your prayers. He will give you your heart’s purest desire.

Don’t give up hope.

The Word

Matthew 7:8

What does the Word of God mean to you?

Is it the basis of all your decisions?

Is it the foundation that you’re standing on it?

Is it your hope, comfort and strength?

Or is it just another book to you? One that you read just because you feel obligated?

The Psalmist depended on the Word for answers, guidance and vision. To him it was a lamp unto his feet, a light unto his path.

The psalmist desired a relationship with The Lord. We can see that he spoke to Him often pouring out his heart, giving everything to God. And The Lord would speak to him through the Word.

Pray to have your relationship with Christ be strengthened. Ask The Lord to put that desire on your heart. Then be prepared and willing to grow in your dependence on the Word, because that is one of the most tangible ways The Lord speaks to His children.

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