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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Choose Life


Saul persecuted the church. His life’s goal was to see Jesus’ followers defeated.

Then he met Jesus on Damascus Road.

Jesus didn’t call Saul a sinner, leave him to his own and tell him there wasn’t any hope.

Instead He called Saul out on his sinful lifestyle, told him He was there for him and then gave him purpose for his life.

Are you living defeated in your past mistakes? Do you wallow in the wrongs you have done and feel like there isn’t any hope?

Those feelings aren’t of The Lord.

Yes, He calls sin sin, but then he willingly forgives it. He doesn’t bring it back up to beat you down. He stretches out His hand for you to rise up in Him. He gives you a hope and a future filled with promise.

Be conscience of which voice you’re listening to.  One is life. One is death.

Choose life.

Acts 26:13-19

Life and Death

Psalm 119:25 My soul cleaveth unto the dust: quicken thou me according to thy word.

Without The Word I am as good as dead. Jesus, bring life.

Building A Legacy


John 15:16

II Kings 13:20-21

A lifeless body was thrown into Elisha’s tomb. When it touched Elisha’s bones it resurrected.

God was still working through Elisha…even after his death.

Our work, our life, in Christ isn’t an “one and done” sort of thing. The works we do in Jesus’ name, the life lived for Him will have an affect on people long after we reach our eternal home.

Because death isn’t an obstacle with our Lord.

Eye Opener


John 10:10

I Kings 17:8-24

Can you really appreciate the miracles of The Lord unless you’ve had a life and death experience?

I’m going with “no” based on the reactions of the widow of Zarephath.

Elijah had filled her barrels with meal and her cruses with oil in the middle of a drought. But that wasn’t enough to convince her that there was a God who reigned supreme.

Then her son died and was brought back to life. That was the game changer.

Death has that effect on people.

It has the ability to change a person’s opinion or perspective.

But even more so: life.

A person given a second chance at life is forever changed.

Just as this mother was.

Once she realized the resurrecting power of God she chose to acknowledge him.

Same for us. We are surrounded with blessings. God’s hand is all around us. But until we put away our flesh and become reborn into the family of Christ we don’t appreciate the blessings or miracles of God.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to acknowledge God’s mercy and provisions in your life?

Bask in his goodness.

A Battery Drain


Hebrews 12:1

Acts 5:1-10

This morning my battery was being drained…literally. The location services on my phone was on and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which app was using it.

Why in the world do I need to be located?!? I know exactly where I am!!! (I apologize to all the tech savvy people out there who are appalled by my ignorance.)

After much frustration (too much really) I finally figured out to turn off my location services.

So instead of chalking that up to a wasted part of my day I asked The Lord to use it to teach me.

This is what I learned:

Just like “location services” will drain your phone’s battery life, sin will drain you spiritually speaking.

Let me explain.

Ananias and his wife, Sapphira were living for Jesus. They were “fully charged”. They had even decided to sell a possession of theirs and give it to the church. All was well until the time came to donate the money.

Instead of giving it all they decided to keep part of it. That was fine. There wasn’t anything wrong with that decision. The mistake came when they gave under the pretense that they had given it all. The had decided to submit to something that wasn’t life. Their “location service” had been turned on.

The lie they had concocted would be drain them if they didn’t repent of it….if they couldn’t figure out how to turn the “location service” off.

They chose to stay in the sin, to leave the “location service” on. And that was the death of them.

If you’re in sin I urge you to turn to Jesus to be your source of life.

The Resurrector


John 6:63

Matthew 9:18-19 & 23-25

The father approached Jesus. His daughter laid in her bed, seemingly dead to all of those around her. Only one thing could bring her back to life: Jesus.

Jesus went to her and she rose up again.

Do you feel like your dead on your feet?

Like the hope you once lived for isn’t worth much to you at all anymore?

Are you in need of a spiritual resuscitation?

If so I have a a suggestion for you: Jesus; The Word made flesh.

Jesus speaks of The Word being “spirit and life”.

So by contrast to not have The Word is death.

If you’re in need of spiritual CPR read your bible. Study it. Listen to music that is based upon it. Meditate upon it. Apply it’s truths to your life. And then be prepared for the feelings of life to resurface again.

Choose Life

Psalm 135:15-18

Exodus 32:1-6

In Moses’ absence Aaron fashioned a golden calf for the Israelites to worship. He told them that this would be the god that they would serve.

The thought is mind boggling. People were actually praying to this statue. It couldn’t see. It couldn’t hear. It wasn’t living! How ridiculous it seems.





None of this is living either. Still yet some people choose to serve it. They become obsessed with it. Dedicating their lives to it.

To some people this type of material has become their idol.

But be glad because you have chosen a God that is alive. The God that lives and reigns forever more. He hears our prayers. He looks upon us as though we are the apple of his eye. He speaks to us. He is alive and well. He has always been and always will be. He is the great I Am.

Serving lifeless idols will get you nowhere. Serving the One True God will afford you life most abundant with an eternity spent with Him.

Comfort One Another

Romans 12:15

II Samuel 12:15-23

David was filled with grief. He was sure of two things:

1) he had done wrong by obtaining Uriah’s wife as his own

2) his son, the result of his poor decisions, was made sick because of him.

He laid prostrate upon the floor, fasting, petitioning God to spare the baby’s life. For seven days his life was devoted to his newborn son.

The servants of David’s house had compassion upon him. They tried to get him to eat. In quiet reverence they served their king. They were there to comfort their beloved master.

And then the child died. David arose and ate.

The servants were confused. Out of concern they questioned David on his actions.

David explained to them that his prayers were no longer needed. That the baby was in heaven and that the only thing he could was to live a life where he would meet him again someday.

Throughout David’s terrible loss it seems as if at first glance that David had to grieve the life and death of his son alone. But when we look closer we can see that his servants were there to provide him comfort. They cared for his well being. They respectfully kept a solemn tone around him and they were concerned enough to talk with him, ask him how he was doing after the death of the child.

David knew that they cared.

Christians go through difficult periods in life. Sometimes you may be the one that is in need of comfort. Other times you are the one to provide it. When The Lord places you in someone’s path that needs comfort be sure to give it. If you don’t know what to say then show the way you feel. Mimic their feelings….don’t try to make lighthearted of a terrible situations. Instead grieve with them. Pray for them. Just being in their presence, available to listen will give them comfort. It’ll show them that they aren’t alone.

Part of our duty as Christians is to be there for one another. In the bad times as well as the good. Find strength and guidance from the word and your Lord.


I Corinthians 9:14

Joshua 2:1-14

Would someone be willing to risk their life based on the way you live yours?

Rahab was willing to risk her life for the two spies from the children of Israel. She secured them on her rooftop and then told them that she did it because she knew who they served and the greatness of their God.

Their reputation had proceeded them. And it proved to be life saving, not only for themselves but for Rahab and her family.

Our reputations can either help in leading people to The Lord, life, or leading them away from Him, death.

What kind of reputation do you have?

Live so that others will risk everything to live like you.

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