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Beneficial to You

Saul was jealous of David. He hated him with a passion. He threw a javelin at him, on two different occasions, attempting to kill him. He hired hit men to take David out. Saul spent a lot of his time as king of Israel seeking to destroy David from the face of the earth.
David, in turn had spent a lot of his time running from Saul. He climbed mountains. He hid in caves. His life had become consumed with outsmarting Saul and his men.
Saul was worn out. He and three thousand men had searched for David all day. He entered into a cave for rest. Unbeknownst to him, David was in that same cave, in the shadows. Saul fell asleep. David’s opportunity for revenge had presented itself. His men urged him on. Now was his chance.
But David wouldn’t kill Saul. He cut off a piece of his garment to show Saul that he could have. But he didn’t. His reason: He didn’t want to kill the man anointed of The Lord. 
David could’ve avenged himself. He might have felt relief and satisfaction for a while. But David knew that those feelings wouldn’t last with him the way that conviction for going against God would. By not returning evil with evil David was able to stay free from regret and sorrow.
Jesus taught that we should love our enemies, bless the people that curse us, do good to those hate us and to pray for the ones that persecute and despitefully use us. Not because that’s what they deserve. But because Jesus wants what is best for us. He doesn’t want His children to carry hatred in their heart, to be found always trying to avenge themselves. Instead He wants us to lay down our fleshly instincts and to let Him handle the situation.
The teachings of Jesus may at times seem restricting and unfair. But in reality Jesus’ teachings are always freeing and He is always just.
I Samuel 24:1-15

trickle effect


 To cover up an affair with Uriah’s wife David had Uriah sent to the front of the battle to be killed. 

Others had to be sent with Uriah so that the murder wouldn’t be so obvious.

Consequently, several innocent soldiers lost their lives because of one man’s sin. 

Sometimes when you choose to go against The Lord you aren’t the only one affected.

Faithful Servant


David looked out over the sheep that he had just saved from the bear and the lion. True, only he and his family would be directly affected by the victory, but they would all be grateful.

Now David stood on top of the giant, Goliath. God’s children, an entire nation, had been saved from slavery. David had once again taken care of the enemy.

Why had God chosen David to save his people from the giant? I’m guessing it was because he proved himself faithful when he saved his family’s flock of sheep.

After all, The Lord says “he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much”.

Are you showing your faithfulness to The Lord in the work he has blessed you with now? He’s preparing you. Keep pressing on.

Luke 16:10

I Samuel 17:34-37

Seeking Reassurance

Psalm 27:11

I Samuel 23:1-5

It had come to David’s attention that the Philistines were warring against Keilah. David went to The Lord asking if he should lead his people into battle against the Philistines.

The Lord said yes. He told him, “Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.”

David rallied the troops. He told them the plan of action.

They were hesitant. They were doubtful that The Lord would ask this of them.

So David enquired of The Lord yet again. And again he received the same instruction.

So David and his men fought the Philistines. They saved Keilah.

Isn’t it a comfort to know that God is leading us?

The whole world may be going in a different direction but knowing that God is with you gives you the courage to keep traveling down the road He has put you on.

Sometimes though you just want the reassurance that He is guiding you and that you’re not getting off the path He has laid out for you.

Ask Him to reassure you in those times and then boldly get on with it.

Comfort One Another

Romans 12:15

II Samuel 12:15-23

David was filled with grief. He was sure of two things:

1) he had done wrong by obtaining Uriah’s wife as his own

2) his son, the result of his poor decisions, was made sick because of him.

He laid prostrate upon the floor, fasting, petitioning God to spare the baby’s life. For seven days his life was devoted to his newborn son.

The servants of David’s house had compassion upon him. They tried to get him to eat. In quiet reverence they served their king. They were there to comfort their beloved master.

And then the child died. David arose and ate.

The servants were confused. Out of concern they questioned David on his actions.

David explained to them that his prayers were no longer needed. That the baby was in heaven and that the only thing he could was to live a life where he would meet him again someday.

Throughout David’s terrible loss it seems as if at first glance that David had to grieve the life and death of his son alone. But when we look closer we can see that his servants were there to provide him comfort. They cared for his well being. They respectfully kept a solemn tone around him and they were concerned enough to talk with him, ask him how he was doing after the death of the child.

David knew that they cared.

Christians go through difficult periods in life. Sometimes you may be the one that is in need of comfort. Other times you are the one to provide it. When The Lord places you in someone’s path that needs comfort be sure to give it. If you don’t know what to say then show the way you feel. Mimic their feelings….don’t try to make lighthearted of a terrible situations. Instead grieve with them. Pray for them. Just being in their presence, available to listen will give them comfort. It’ll show them that they aren’t alone.

Part of our duty as Christians is to be there for one another. In the bad times as well as the good. Find strength and guidance from the word and your Lord.

Your Testimony

Psalm 119:95

I Samuel 17:32-50

The kid, David, stood dressed in the king’s armor. He had been dressed to fight the Philistine giant, Goliath.

Then David remembered what he had spoken only moments before. He had been telling King Saul and the other men how he had been delivered out of the paws of a lion and the paws of a bear. He had eluded to the fact that he hadn’t been wrapped in brass armor and that he hadn’t carried a sword at the time. He told them that The Lord was the one who had delivered him.

In that moment of reflection David realized that the only way he was going to be able to defeat the enemy was to go as God had already proved himself. David decided that he wasn’t going to wear the armor. He was going as he had fought the lion and the bear. He was going to fight the giant wrapped only in God’s protection.

David’s decision proved God to be faithful again.

David had used the circumstances of his life as encouragement to himself and the Israelite men. His testimony of what The Lord had done for him prompted him to stand up to the wickedness waiting to destroy him.

If you’re a child of Jesus then you can relate to David. You’ve faced battles with the wickedness of this world. And because you’re saved it is clear that Christ has already proved himself to be true to you. You’ve already won the biggest battle you’ll face. Draw strength from the fact that Jesus was there for you when you stepped out on faith to believe on Him. Spiritual warfare had been all around. But with Jesus you prevailed.

Boldly stand before the wickedness of the world because Christ has never failed you before and He won’t start now.

Anger Issues?

James 1:19

I Samuel 19:9-10

Saul, with the intent to kill, hurled a javelin at David. On two separate occasions.

David didn’t retaliate. Instead he removed himself from the situation.

How often do we feel compelled to fight for our opinion? To destroy relationships just so that we get our way?

David shows us that being “slow to wrath” is beneficial to us. I’m sure it was embarrassing, maddening even, but he kept control. Saul eventually had his kingdom taken from him and given to David.

Follow the Word of our Lord. You dictate your actions.


Luke 19:10

II Samuel 9:1-8

Mephibosheth, crippled from a young age, bowed at the feet of King David. He was grateful to the king for calling him out, bringing him to his house, sitting him at his table and restoring unto him the land of his grandfather, King Saul.

What a beautiful picture this is of our relationship with Jesus.

Previously we had wandered around crippled by sin. Until the Lord, our King, sought us out. He called us to be children of His. To come into His fold, to eat from his table.

As we humbly and gratefully accepted the invitation we became as royalty; joint heirs with Jesus.

King David sought Mephibosheth to give him a new, better way of life.

Jesus did the same for you.

Proof Of Your Love

I John 3:16

Jonathan and David shared a relationship based on sacrifice. Jonathan willingly gave up all that was rightly his to make a way for David to inherit the kingdom.

Jesus and you. Another relationship that is based purely on sacrifice. Jesus gave his life for you on Calvary, making a way for you to inherit eternal life in the kingdom of God.

Godly sacrifice is rooted in love.

What are you sacrificing to show your love for Jesus?

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