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I John 4:19

“Why do they call it Good Friday then, Mom? It should be called Sad Friday.”

Tears stung my eyes as I thought on what my little girl had just asked.

“Well, because it was good for us. Without Jesus’ death on the cross there wouldn’t be a way for us to go to Him in Heaven.”

The back seat was quiet as gratefulness filled our vehicle.

Gratefulness for Jesus’ sacrificial love that He showed us by dying on the cross all of those years ago.

Gratefulness for His blood that He shed for me, my husband, my children and you.

Gratefulness for the power that He possessed to defeat death, hell and the grave once and for all.

And gratefulness that I am His and He is mine.

Troubling Truth


Matthew 27:46

As a little girl I tried to allow myself to believe that Jesus didn’t actually suffer on the cross. I tried to convince myself that since Jesus was God’s only begotten Son that He probably had some sort of super power that allowed Him to go through the motions numb, without any feeling, both emotionally and physically.

But in my heart I was afraid that Jesus really did experience all of that pain and agony for me. I had an inkling that that was the truth. I went to my mom for wisdom on the matter.

Her answer solidified my fear. In that moment the illusion that I had created was gone. At that point I was broken hearted.

Jesus’ suffering was real.

So here I am, years later remembering the conversation I had had with Mom. As I studied the scripture this morning the Spirit showed me again how emotionally and physically invested Jesus was on the cross of Calvary.

The bible teaches that he CRIED with a LOUD voice, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” which means: My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Again I feel guilty. My Savior wasn’t just acting a part or going through the motions. He was completely invested. Physically, yes. Emotionally too. Upon that cross Jesus was brutally tortured for me. For you.

And He felt it all.

Jesus never just went through the motions. Sadly, we often times do. We allow our walk with Him to become a habit. Maybe because in the flesh it’s easier that way. If we don’t feel then it is easier to deny His will in our life. If we aren’t attentive to the Spirit we can easily drift into numbness.

But I encourage you to become revived in The Lord. Stop just going through the motions. Become emotionally invested. The intensity and intimacy with Him will strengthen your relationship.

Be real with Jesus.

Why Me?

I Peter 3:18

Jesus suffered through a crucifixion. He died a horrible death. And throughout His entire life He was only righteous…perfect…blameless.

He didn’t deserve the death He died.

Maybe you’re wondering what you did to deserve the trial you’re going through.

But before you’re quick to judge remind yourself of Jesus’ situation…when He was faced with unfair circumstances He went to His Father and followed His will.

Seek The Lord’s guidance, not answers to “why me?”.


Mark 15:42-47

Jesus had died the death of the cross. His body was at Golgotha’s hill. Joseph, a follower of Christ, was said to have “craved the body of Jesus”.

Joseph boldly approached Pilate, the very man who sent Jesus to be crucified,
to ask if he could take the body of Jesus.

Joseph, out of love, honor and respect for The Lord risked his reputation, his life, to love Christ.

Is your craving for Christ this powerful within you? Are you willing to risk whatever need be to show the world, to show Jesus, that you love Him more than you love yourself?

Jesus had such a craving to be with you. He showed the world his love for you when he gave himself to be crucified in your place.

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