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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Qualified to Work

Zacharias and Elisabeth. Two people in history that were chosen to be part of God’s plan. This couple would become parents to John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus.

What made them so special? Luke 1:6 tells us that they were righteous and blameless.

Our righteousness was as filthy rags….until we accepted Christ’s. We were guilty of sin….until Jesus washed it away.

Because of Jesus, God looks at you, Child of God, as righteous and blameless. You are now qualified to do great things for God’s kingdom. Don’t allow self-doubt deter you from following Christ’s leading. He is covering you and preparing the way.

Unlikely ➡️ Unbelievable

He wasn’t raised in a prestigious home. He didn’t have any background as a warrior. His family was poor.
His name: Gideon.
Gideon, the man that God chose to destroy Israel’s worship of false gods single handily. The man that led three hundred men to victory over thousands without drawing a sword. The man that Israel wanted for their king.
God may be calling you to do something that you are certain can’t be accomplished. If you were left to succeed on your own you’d be right. But God is with you. Just as He was with Gideon. Don’t put your trust in yourself. Place all your faith in Him.
God chooses the unlikely to do extraordinary things.
Judges 6 & 7

Remember and Go On

As Stephen stood before the Sanhedrin Council he relayed the history of God’s chosen ones. This was the perfect connection to where they stood that day. As I read the account I could imagine the confidence within Stephen growing. He, hearing himself speak, was reminded of God’s goodness and favor. It gave him courage and boldness to deliver the message God had given him. 

I pray that we learn from Stephen. That we gain boldness to go forth in our calling because we remember that the One who called is Faithful.

Scripture taken from:

Acts 7:1-53

Prayers for Boldness

Paul was very vocal in advocating the early church. He was a missionary. He even penned down the majority of the Word. 

In the midst of all of these works he was asking for prayer for himself. He needed people to pray that he would be bold in opening his mouth, in spreading the gospel. 

Essentially he was relying completely on God to continue to use him. In Jesus, Paul found his strength.

That same Jesus wants to use us. Let us be bold like Paul and take our petitions before God. Ask for courage. He alone is the one to provide strength, opportunities and blessings. 

Scripture taken from:

Ephesians 6:19

fight back 

 King Ahab told Benhadad he could have his wives, children, silver and gold. He had cowered before the Syrian King hoping it would be enough to get rid of him.

Then Benhadad decided he wanted even more…anything he could get his hands on he would take.
King Ahab finally wised up and called on the Lord to intervene.
No longer would Ahab’s land be a place that the Syrians could waltz in and take what they wanted.
Instead the Israelites would go to Syria, face the battle head on and win.
Trying to suffice the enemy isn’t a good battle plan. It only provokes them to take more, to become even bolder. 
The only way to prevail against Satan is to fight back with the battle plan of the Lord. 


  God said to Joshua:

“Walk your people through a riverbed.
Defeat a city with marching and trumpets.
Single out one person that has sin in his heart.
Stand before the nation and make it known that no matter what you will serve me.”
This could have been Joshua’s response:
We’ll take a boat.
Went in with weapons.
Did away with the entire tribe.
Gone with the crowd.
But instead he remembered the words of the Lord before it all began,”Be strong and of a good courage”.


Hebrews 13:6

Queen Esther’s people were to be slaughtered.

She had two options:

1)she could keep her identity as a Jew hidden and watch the massacre, hoping the King wouldn’t find out her heritage

2)she could try to persuade the King on her and her people’s behalf

Gathering courage she decided that she would be a voice for her people. She asked them to fast for three days and three nights.

She understood that God had placed her in this position to save her people. She knew that He was on her side. Her response to the task laid out before her: “…and if I perish, I perish.”

Esther was willing to do the will of The Lord regardless of the outcome.

God blessed her courage and obedience. She and her people were saved.

No matter what the cost, no matter who is standing against you, trust in The Lord as your helper, your deliverer.

Whose Servant Are You?

Colossians 3:23

The king told Amos to leave…he told him not to prophesy in his courts…he said he didn’t want to hear it…

Amos’ response?

I’m not prophesying for you. I’m working for my God…the God who took me, a herdman and fruit picker, and made me a prophet.

People may not want to hear what you have to say…they may try to get you to quit living a life like Christ’s….but we don’t answer to people. We answer to the One True God.

Live your life for Jesus alone.

Fear Not

Deuteronomy 31:6

David and his men had protected Nabal’s men as they worked side by side. David, being far from home, was in need of food and water. He asked Nabal to provide this for him and his people. Nabal refused to show David and his men any appreciation and denied his request for food and water.

To say David was angry is an understatement. He gathered his men with the intent of destroying Nabal.

Abigail, Nabal’s wife, received word of what was happening. She quickly came up with a plan. She had to deter David to save her husband, his riches, and herself.

She gathered the food and water and left. As she rode to meet David surely questions of doubt bombarded her….what would this man of power do to her? would he laugh her to scorn for even attempting to approach him with a peace treaty? would he even acknowledge her, being that she was a woman and he a man? would he have her killed for her boldness?

Despite the nagging in her head Abigail pressed forward. She knew this was her only chance to redeem the situation.

The Lord blessed her efforts. David accepted the food. He listened to what she had to say. He even thanked her for meeting with him.

Abigail had chosen not to allow her fear dictate her actions. She was courageous. Because of this she was able to save herself and all that mattered to her.

Sometimes we scare ourselves into not being obedient to The Lord’s will. Most likely our fears are legitimate because we have experienced rejection, embarrassment, awkwardness, pain, etc. But they aren’t reason to deny the will of Our Father in our lives. His plans are always beneficial to us and most importantly, to Him.

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