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Using the Word to Encourage Others



trickle effect


 To cover up an affair with Uriah’s wife David had Uriah sent to the front of the battle to be killed. 

Others had to be sent with Uriah so that the murder wouldn’t be so obvious.

Consequently, several innocent soldiers lost their lives because of one man’s sin. 

Sometimes when you choose to go against The Lord you aren’t the only one affected.

Consider the Future


Esau couldn’t stand the hunger pains any longer. He could think of nothing else other than the moment he was living in.

So when Jacob offered him a measly meal in exchange for his birthright Esau jumped at the chance.

He lost sight of his future for a moment of satisfaction.

Weigh out the consequences of your choices. Jesus always provides a way out. Take it.

Polar Opposites

1 Peter 3:18

For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit.

None of what Christ did was logical according to man’s wisdom. He was righteous and without sin but yet chose to take on a death he didn’t deserve in hopes that one day we, the filthy sinner, would choose to accept the gift of salvation.

He, “the perfect one” gave himself in hopes of gaining us “an imperfect people”.

Thank the Lord that his ways aren’t our ways.

Break Down the Barrier

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The Edomites had built a wall of pride within their hearts. They were self-proclaimed self-efficient people who had no need for anyone else. They could and would do it on their own.

But what about when the trouble would arise? What would they do if they were ambushed by an enemy larger than them? Who would fight with them on their behalf?

No one. That’s the problem with pride. It gives you false security.

Would you consider yourself like an Edomite? Do you refuse the wisdom, help, encouragement of others because you think you’re wise enough, strong enough or confident enough to go at it alone?

Could you call upon another Christian if Satan were to attack? Or have you turned your Christian family away so often that you have severed all ties?

Christians, be a blessing to those around you and allow others to be a blessing to you. God places us in each other’s lives for a reason. We are to encourage one another, pray for each other and help out if there is need.

Humbly give yourself over to following his plan.

Proverbs 29:23

Obadiah 1:1-5

Facing Turmoil

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Facing turmoil?

Perhaps it’s because you’re harboring sin. Sin that you haven’t wanted to acknowledge. Sin that you’ve allowed simply because you’ve chosen to ignore the conviction of the Spirit.

Cleanse yourself from the unrighteousness by calling on Jesus. Allow His forgiveness to provide the peace that you’ve been missing.

Then rest in the redemption of The Lord.

Job 15:20

History Lessons

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Jephthah knew his history. He knew how God delivered time after time. He was able to quote the battles. To find strength from the victories. To be bold when faced by the enemy.

Not because he lived through all of those battles. Most of what he referenced happened three hundred years prior to the battle he was facing.

But because he knew that The Lord had always been faithful to his people he put his confidence in the one true God.

The Bible gives us an entire collection of accounts where God was faithful to his children. Get into his word. Study it out. Be strengthened by what it has to offer.

Jesus has never failed his chosen ones. He won’t begin with you. Find hope in his word.

Psalm 31:1

Judges 11:12-28

Going Forward

Luke 9:62

Genesis 19:23-26

Lot, his wife and their two daughters were saved from the destruction of the city in which they had lived. The Lord sent an angel to lead them out. The angel gave one commandment: don’t look back.

Lot and his daughters listened. His wife didn’t. As a result she was turned to a pillar of salt.

I’m sure that The Lord has delivered you from something terrible in your life. Then He most likely told you not to look back.

But have you? Have you longed for the routine you once new just because it was predictable? Are you too scared to move forward because of the unknown?

God wouldn’t bring you out of it if He didn’t have something better in store. Trust His wisdom. Embrace the new situations you find yourself in. Keep going forward. Don’t look back.



What Goes Around Comes Around

Hosea 10:12

Luke 15:11-24

The prodigal son went out into the world to do worldly things, to live a worldly lifestyle. When he finally took a look at his situation he realized what a mess he had gotten himself into.

He was reaping the rewards, or in his case consequences, of his life’s choices.

As he came trudging home he was timid yet determined to make his way living respectably among his family. He came home unsure of the reception he would receive but determined to live his decision out. His father not only welcomed him home but he also had mercy upon him and welcomed him back to the family.

The son reaped mercy where he had sown righteousness.

Most of the time it is our decisions that dictate the way we live our life. Make bad choices, live with the aftermath. Choose wisely, receive merciful blessings from your savior.


Proverbs 18:12

King Ahaziah turned to a false god for answers to his questions. As a result of this decision he was sentenced to death by a prophet of God.

Instead of admitting his wrong and seeking forgiveness from The Lord he became defiant. He sent a captain with fifty men to take the prophet captive. Those fifty-one men were consumed by fire.

Upon hearing this the king decides again to not repent of his evil ways. He instead sends yet another captain with another fifty men to capture the prophet. For a second time fire consumed the king’s men.

Seek God and His wisdom when you have questions in this life. And if the answer isn’t what you had hoped, accept it anyway. Rely on Jesus to help you make the best of it. But please, don’t become defiant and bring others down with you.

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