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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Same Scripture

“Have courage.” “Don’t be afraid.” “God is with me.” “Go.” Joshua 1:9 has a very special place in my family’s hearts. It was the scripture that led us to KY. Today God used it again to comfort us as we enter into another phase of life.
The Word of the Lord is alive. Be careful not to skim over scripture because you think there isn’t anything you can gain from it. If the Lord has led you to it, then he has something for you. 


A little disclaimer: We are not moving again. All of the kids are school age for the first time and we are preparing for the upcoming year. 😬


The past few days I have been on edge. I knew the day was getting closer for summer break to end. I’ve been thinking “they’re growing up too fast”. This morning we sent our girlies off to school. Still the same thought flooded my mind “they’re growing up and there is nothing I can do about it.” 
I asked the Lord to comfort me through his word. I opened my bible and the very first thing I read was “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”
Because my girls are growing in age they are going to be given more opportunities to grow in grace and to draw closer to Jesus by growing in his knowledge. And this is what they were born for. This is why we all are here. 
There is peace in the presence of our Savior. He knew what had been racing through my mind. He knew what would speak peace to my soul. I praise him for that. 
Scripture taken from:

II Peter 3:18

Still Hope


The hype may be over but hope still remains.

“If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” (I Cor. 15:19)

Growing Pains

When we first come to Christ we might think “What a bummer. I can’t do what I want.” But then you begin to live for Him and you realize that this new life you’ve been given is better then what you could’ve imagined. You have “life more abundantly”.

It’s the same way on a smaller scale too.

If He is asking you to give something up He’s going to replace it with something far better.

Keep this in mind and the growing process will be a lot easier.

Matthew 10:39

Cardboard Testimonies


My girls and I watched some “cardboard testimonies” on youtube yesterday.

So. Powerful.

And encouraging.

Jesus is very much alive and real and working in people’s lives.

Which had me wondering, what would your “cardboard testimony” be? If you had to briefly describe what Jesus has done for you, what would you say?

For me:I used to struggle with studying God’s Word/Jesus has given me the desire to get into it daily

Choose Life


Saul persecuted the church. His life’s goal was to see Jesus’ followers defeated.

Then he met Jesus on Damascus Road.

Jesus didn’t call Saul a sinner, leave him to his own and tell him there wasn’t any hope.

Instead He called Saul out on his sinful lifestyle, told him He was there for him and then gave him purpose for his life.

Are you living defeated in your past mistakes? Do you wallow in the wrongs you have done and feel like there isn’t any hope?

Those feelings aren’t of The Lord.

Yes, He calls sin sin, but then he willingly forgives it. He doesn’t bring it back up to beat you down. He stretches out His hand for you to rise up in Him. He gives you a hope and a future filled with promise.

Be conscience of which voice you’re listening to.  One is life. One is death.

Choose life.

Acts 26:13-19

History Lessons

image (2)

Jephthah knew his history. He knew how God delivered time after time. He was able to quote the battles. To find strength from the victories. To be bold when faced by the enemy.

Not because he lived through all of those battles. Most of what he referenced happened three hundred years prior to the battle he was facing.

But because he knew that The Lord had always been faithful to his people he put his confidence in the one true God.

The Bible gives us an entire collection of accounts where God was faithful to his children. Get into his word. Study it out. Be strengthened by what it has to offer.

Jesus has never failed his chosen ones. He won’t begin with you. Find hope in his word.

Psalm 31:1

Judges 11:12-28

The Illustrated Word


Psalm 119:140

Luke 15: 11-24

“We’d rather be in the will of The Lord hours from family and everything we have ever known than out of His will surrounded by the ones we love and familiar with our surroundings.”

That was the answer we’d give folks when they’d ask why we’d move so far away from home. It was our mantra for packing up our family and moving a day’s trip away.

But our four year old needed more of an illustration than an explanation. So The Lord gave me the story of the prodigal son.

It went something like this: “see Punkin, the boy was living with his daddy right where God had put him but he decided that he didn’t like where God wanted him. He thought it would be better for him to be somewhere else. So he decided to leave the place God had put him. But when he got to where he thought would be the best place he realized that it was way worse there. He wasn’t happy at all. So the boy wanted to go back to the place God told him to live. He went back to his daddy and started living where God told him to. Then he was happy again because he was living where God wanted him to live.

We know that Jesus wants us living here. And even if we decided to go back to where our family is we wouldn’t be happy. Our hearts will be happiest here because this is where God wants us.”

Peace would come over that child. She’d go back to playing and laughing within seconds of hearing the story of the prodigal son.

And my heart would burst again with thankfulness for the guidance of the Spirit and for the healing balm that the Word provides.

Jesus continually offers peace and guidance to his children through his Word. Look to it for reassurance and comfort.

Comfort One Another

Romans 12:15

II Samuel 12:15-23

David was filled with grief. He was sure of two things:

1) he had done wrong by obtaining Uriah’s wife as his own

2) his son, the result of his poor decisions, was made sick because of him.

He laid prostrate upon the floor, fasting, petitioning God to spare the baby’s life. For seven days his life was devoted to his newborn son.

The servants of David’s house had compassion upon him. They tried to get him to eat. In quiet reverence they served their king. They were there to comfort their beloved master.

And then the child died. David arose and ate.

The servants were confused. Out of concern they questioned David on his actions.

David explained to them that his prayers were no longer needed. That the baby was in heaven and that the only thing he could was to live a life where he would meet him again someday.

Throughout David’s terrible loss it seems as if at first glance that David had to grieve the life and death of his son alone. But when we look closer we can see that his servants were there to provide him comfort. They cared for his well being. They respectfully kept a solemn tone around him and they were concerned enough to talk with him, ask him how he was doing after the death of the child.

David knew that they cared.

Christians go through difficult periods in life. Sometimes you may be the one that is in need of comfort. Other times you are the one to provide it. When The Lord places you in someone’s path that needs comfort be sure to give it. If you don’t know what to say then show the way you feel. Mimic their feelings….don’t try to make lighthearted of a terrible situations. Instead grieve with them. Pray for them. Just being in their presence, available to listen will give them comfort. It’ll show them that they aren’t alone.

Part of our duty as Christians is to be there for one another. In the bad times as well as the good. Find strength and guidance from the word and your Lord.

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