Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others





“Neither make mention of the names of their gods.” This statement came from Joshua’s final address to the Israelite people.

Pretty exclusive, huh?

How are you doing with that in this “politically correct” world?

Are you lifting up only the name of Jesus in your household? Or are you giving place to things that aren’t of God? Things that go against his word?

At first it seems unlikely that within a Christian home there would be the attempt to expose the children to sin. But how often do we hear “you need to expose your children to things of the world so they won’t go wild when they’re on their own” or “I’m going to introduce all religions to my children and give them the freedom of what religion they’d like to be part of”?

These statements may sound innocent. But that doesn’t make them of God.

Adhere to Joshua’s words of wisdom. Preach only Jesus. The “freedom of choice” will only lead to a cell of isolation from our Lord.

Joshua 23:7

Defense Mechanism


Romans 3:4

Hebrews 11:3

No one is ever too young to be taught the scripture “let God be true but every man a liar.”

Also no one is ever too old to hold onto that truth.

I was sitting in a freshman biology class hanging on to that verse a decade ago. And then again this past weekend when my husband and I were teaching the same scripture to our young children.

It’s sad that evolution is presented as truth in a learning environment. It’s even more disheartening that it’s slipped in as fact into a children’s movie.

How grateful I am though that we have the comfort, the promise, that God’s ways are concrete, are absolute and that anything that tries to dispel it can be brought under subjection with one piece of scripture.

The Word is truth above all else. It trumps your closest confidant’s personal opinion. It surpasses the most well known scientists’ discoveries. It reigns over anything contrary to it’s teachings.

Our children need to learn the wisdom of God from an early age and we need to believe it until death.

Hold onto the promises of God.


Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Teach the ways of The Lord.

Talk about about Jesus.

If you’re relaxing.

If you’re moving about.

If you’re going to bed.

If you’re waking up.

Talk about Jesus.

Teach the ways of The Lord.

If we don’t teach our children the Gospel that we’ve based our lives upon they’ll learn the wickedness of the world instead.


Matthew 19:14

“Children are the church of the future.”

We hear that statement a lot. And it is true. But we need not to overlook another truth: children are part of the present church.

Elisha, through the power of God, destroyed a group of children that mocked him.

This tells us two things:

1)children have an affect on those around them

2)God takes children seriously

Teach children the ways of The Lord. Wrap them up in prayer. Welcome them as workers in the kingdom of God.

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