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Using the Word to Encourage Others



weekend warrior 


It seems like the majority of the workforce is just looking forward to their weekend. Waiting on that day off.

Let me quote Jesus: “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”

So what prompted that statement?

The Jews persecuted Jesus. They wanted to slay him. All because He had healed a man on the Sabbath day. 

His response in short “I don’t take days off.”

Isn’t that a comfort? The God we serve is ever watchful over His children leading and guiding them no matter what hour or what day it is.

So trust, even though it might seem as if God has taken a vacation concerning your situation, He hasn’t. He’s working it all out to your good.

A Living Example

Isaiah says for us to “cast up the highway; gather out the stones”.

Cast up the highway? Or modern day terms: “take the high road”.—-choose carefully how you react to situations, how you represent your God.

Gather out the stones? —-if you see something that has the potential of harming a person, physically or spiritually, get it out of the way. Look out for others.

We aren’t living this life just for ourselves. We are here to glorify Jesus. We can do that by showing His love to others.

Live a life that can be followed after.

Call on The Father


My children found a deer bedded down outside of our window this morning. When it stood up they realized that it’s foot was hurt.

Immediately I heard, “Mom!! Call Daddy!!! The deer is hurt. He’ll know what to do. Mom, please call Daddy!!!! The deer is hurt!!”

In Psalms the deer is symbolic of the founded Christian. It teaches us to thirst after The Living Water and to be founded in The Lord.

How do you handle the situation when you see “a deer” (another Christian) in need? Do you immediately seek out the wisdom of your “daddy” (Heavenly Father)? Do you realize the urgency of the situation?

Keep seeking Jesus and keep an eye out for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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