Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Be Bold

“The Israelites are going to destroy the enemy. You have been chosen to lead them into battle.”
God’s message told Barak that He would be with him and that He would win the battle. Barak took that information and chose not to act on it.
Instead he begged Deborah, the judge who had delivered the message, to go to war with him. He said he wouldn’t go without her. 
Deborah told him that her presence would keep him from claiming the victory and that another person would receive the honor. To Barak, having Deborah by his side was worth the loss.
The country went to battle. They won. But Barak missed out on what had been given to him. 
He missed out on an opportunity to serve God unwavering. His faith in God could’ve been strengthened, instead he relied on man. He could’ve accomplished the task he had been given but another person would have to step in and take over.
Barak’s reliance on others, instead of God, affected his life and the way we remember him. He could’ve been known as a man of great faith. Instead we see him as a person that was weak and unsure.
You are in complete control of the decisions you make to the opportunities that God gives you. Will you rely on others to cover for you or will you rely on God? Your reputation and legacy are on the line. Be bold in following Jesus. 
Judges 4:1-22

A Calm Midst the Chaos


Philippians 4:7

Joshua 3:14-17

Probably most people like to wake up with the thought of having a predictable, peaceful day ahead of them.

I do.

But over the past couple of days almost everything that I’ve encountered hasn’t gone the way I’ve planned.

The amazing thing is what I felt through this time: God’s presence which translated into peace. I knew that He was with me and that He was going before me. I knew that He was in control, even though the current situation wasn’t looking too good. I could feel His presence.

Just like the children of Israel as they went to cross the Jordan River.

As they stood on the banks of the river, ark in tow, I’m getting the sense that they weren’t stressing over their situation. Even as the priests’ feet dipped in the brim of the water I would say they that they still felt the presence of God around them. And they allowed His presence to be the source of the peace and calmness they were experiencing.

Then their God showed out and made a way for them. Their feelings of peace were warranted. God had been in complete control the entire time.

Certainly they were thankful for the extraordinary event that had just taken place in their life. It was through this experience that their faith in God had been strengthened. This God filled moment provided them with a sense of security and built a bridge for future generations to be reminded of the glory of their God.

Allow Jesus’ presence in the midst of your chaos overcome you. When you do not even a rushing river will be able to drown out His whispers of peace.

God Prevails

1 John 2:17

II Chronicles 22: 10-12

Athaliah was power hungry. So obsessed with it that she set out to kill her own sons and grandsons in an attempt to prevent any of them from taking the kingdom from her.

She was almost successful except that her daughter had a strong desire too: seeing the Lord prevail. Jehoshabeath, wife of the priest Jehoidia rescued Joash from his own grandmother when he was only a baby. She hid him from his grandmother for 6 years. Then, in th 7th year Athaliah, the grandmother was slain and Jehoiada the priest placed the child, Joash, as the king.

The seed of David had been kept alive and reigned again.

No matter what scheem the devil may have in place, the one true, all powerful God always prevails.

Draw strength from the fact that God will be glorified….. he shall reign eternally….. and we shall be like him.

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