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Using the Word to Encourage Others




The command had been given for the people to bow down and worship an idol. Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego refused because they knew that this action would be disrespectful to their God. 
They were ready to answer to the king because they knew The Answer. 
What are you doing today that would be beneficial to you should a trial come your way? Are you rooted in Jesus, founded on the Word? 
Following after Jesus doesn’t just bless the present time but it blesses your future too. 

Mum’s the Word


Jesus didn’t say a word when they were persecuting Him….He answered the governor nothing when told to identify Himself.

Not because He didn’t know what to say. Not because He couldn’t win the argument.

But because He knew that silence was the type of answer the situation needed.

Use wisdom. Words, no matter how true, aren’t always the right answer.

Matthew 26:66-68 & 27:11-14

Ignoring Plan A


Isaiah 40:4

Genesis 20:1-11

Have you ever found yourself making decisions based on man’s probable reaction as opposed to God’s will?

Abraham did.

He and his wife, Sarah followed through with a plan to deceive Abimelech, king of Gerar because they felt that living righteously was too big of a risk.

They had determined that if the king found out that they were husband and wife that Abraham would be killed so that Sarah could become the King’s. They decided to make themselves known as siblings instead of spouses.

Their plan was concocted based on how they thought man would react without paying heed to what God had set in place.

Ultimately they chose to believe that God wasn’t in control.

But instead of the intended peace Abraham and Sarah’s plan caused discord. Tempers flared. Their scheme had backfired.

Their trust had been placed in the wrong authority. Now they would have to deal with the consequences.

Man’s opinion shouldn’t be the determining factor of our choices. God alone should be the one you are concerned with answering to.

Go forward knowing that you’re pleasing God, your maker, your king. If you look to honor God first in your life then he’ll take care of the details.

Waiting Out The Storm


Mark 4:39

“Peace, be still.” And the winds and the waters obeyed. The storm ceased. The sea calmed.

That’s the God we serve. He is control of the elements.

Trust Jesus when you’re facing tough times. He knows exactly what you’re going through. At any time He can say “peace, be still.” But until He does, ride out the storm with Him.


The Answer

Psalm 103:17

Job 38:1-4

Sometimes as Christians we try to give explanations as to why people are experiencing life as they are. We spend time creating an answer for ourselves until we feel better about the situation, or sometimes we create answers that make us feel worse.

Job had started to become weary of the trials he was experiencing. When the trials first came along his only response was “blessed be the name of The Lord.” There wasn’t any uncertainty in the statement, any question as to why he was experiencing the things he was, just full reliance and peace in God.

Later Job begins to search for what he might have done wrong or why this was happening to him. When Job started searching for an answer he moved away from his peace that he had had in God to insecurity of God’s role in his life.

God responds to Job. He tells him that He knows what He is doing. He has it all under control. He tells him that there isn’t any need to fear because He has always been, always is and always will be. He reminds Job of His greatness, His sovereignty and that He is just.

It’s then that Job once again finds peace in God. Not because God had given him an answer explaining the situation. Not because Job had come up with an answer that he was satisfied with.

Job finds peace again when he quits searching for answers and begins clinging to God.

If you’re going through difficult times try focusing on Jesus instead of the journey. He already has everything mapped out, we just need to fully rely on Him.


Colossians 3:17

We all face situations where we don’t know which way we should turn, how we should respond, or what the correct answer is.

A good question to start with is this: Can I do this in Jesus’ name?

Because If God isn’t being glorified and His name isn’t being well represented, then you need to find a different solution.

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