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Using the Word to Encourage Others



Who is your mentor?

David had just dodged death. His father-in-law, King Saul had just thrown a javelin at him.

David knew he needed to get to a safe place. He went to Samuel: his mentor, guide, the Godly man that he knew. 

Samuel encouraged David. David returned to his home and came up with a plan to move forward. 

Do you have a person that you can call upon for strength and guidance? Someone to help you navigate difficult situations? For David it was Samuel. Who is it for you? It’s best to figure this out now so that you’ll be prepared should you need advice rather than to find yourself in a heated situation taking the advice of anyone willing to give it. If you can’t come up with someone pray that the Lord will send you a person. 

Living for Eternity


The disciples of Jesus, friends of Paul’s, begged Paul to reconsider going into an area that put his life at risk. They were concerned for his well-being. 

But Paul said “I am ready to die for Jesus.”

Unlike Paul we sometimes allow ourselves to become persuaded not to follow the Spirit because of fear for our flesh. We allow our loved ones well-intentioned but misplaced opinions to influence our boldness in following Christ. 

Before you give advice or take it, make sure that what you are saying/doing lines up with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t allow what may happen to this mortal body affect the calling Christ has placed on your life.

Double Check

Matthew 7:15

Job was facing difficult times. He had lost his farm, his children and he was sick.

His wife’s advice? Kill yourself. End it all.

Job was taken aback that his wife would suggest this. She was supposed to be someone he could trust to give sound advice. Job immediately recognized that this wasn’t Godly counsel. He rebuked his wife and continued to praise God.

Sometimes people will fail us. They will give us bad advice.

God will never let us down.

Take the advice or opinions of others to the Word. Make sure what they’re saying lines up with the principles of God.

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