Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Sharpening Tool

Proverbs 27:17

Acts 3:1-6

Peter and John seemed to be inseparable. They were often found praying together…going to church together…the lame man looked upon both of them before he was healed. They were two of a kind and it was good for their individual walk with Christ.

Do you have someone in your life to challenge you to draw closer to The Lord? To be an encouragement? To hold you accountable?

If so, praise The Lord! If not, pray that The Lord would send you someone.

Having a Godly friend will keep you sharp and on your toes.


From Dreams to Reality

Isaiah 58:11

Acts 9:1-20

Saul had a desire to start his life anew…to live for Jesus. The Lord guided him directly to where he needed to be for his longings to be fulfilled. Saul received the Holy Spirit….his journey had begun. His dream of living solely for The Lord had become reality.

Is there something on your heart that you would like to do for The Lord? Is it something that will draw you closer to Him? Something that will spread the gospel? Something that you know has been ordained by God?

Whether you’ve had this desire for only three days, like Saul, or have had it for years, don’t give up on The Lord.

Jesus says that He is the one who guides us…that He’ll satisfy our needs and He’ll also give us our heart’s desire according to His will.

Milk Or Meat?

Hebrews 6:1

Acts 18:24-28

Apollos was adamant about preaching what he knew: John the Baptist. He was knowledgable of the scriptures and had a drive to share it with others.

Aquila and Priscila, Christians and traveling companions of Paul, sat in on one of his sermons. Afterwards they met with him and explained to him Jesus.

Apollos had a decision to make. Was he going to balk at the information that he had just learned? Or was he going to become a preacher of Jesus?

Apollos chose to believe Aquila and Priscila. Now the messages he preached would include the full gospel. He became a leader for Christ.

As you grow in The Lord you will come across truths that hadn’t been revealed to you before. Learn from these. Apply them to your life. Don’t deny them just because they’re new to you.

God gives us opportunity to grow. We should jump at the chance.

Choose Compassion

Luke 6:31
Acts 28:1-2

Paul and his fellow travelers reached the island of Melita cold and wet. The rain continued to pour down when they met a few of the natives on the island.

The Melitians recognized the travelers situation. They acknowledged that they were in need of physical care. They realized they were capable of providing it. So they did. They took it upon themselves to care for the foreigners. They chose to be compassionate towards them.

Compassion begins with a choice. You have to recognize a need and then decide to act compassionately.

Compassion isn’t offered accidentally.

So when you’re faced with an opportunity to do good for a person in need put yourself in their shoes.

Do for them what you would want done for you.

Choose to be compassionate.

The Next Level

II Peter 3:18

Acts 7:59-60

Stephen, at the end if his life’s journey, offered grace to the people that surrounded him.

The people weren’t fellow Christians. They weren’t offering him kind words. Or comforting him in his last moments.

They were his attackers. The very ones that stoned him to death.

And yet he was gracious toward them. Praying for them. Having compassion on their souls.

As Christians we are told to not only grow in the knowledge of our Lord but also to grow in grace.

The level of grace you offer people is an indicator of your maturity in The Lord.

Stephen had reached a maturity level second only to Jesus’.

Don’t balk at opportunities to be gracious to others. Instead view the trials of your life as an opportunity to grow in our Lord.

Offer grace where it isn’t deserved.


I John 4:1

Acts 13:6-12

His name was Bar-jesus. He could perform supernatural things. But his teachings didn’t line up with Jesus’. So Barnabas and Paul declared that he was a false prophet.

Be careful of whose teachings you follow. Don’t be enticed by fancy titles or works…make sure the teachings line up with the Word.


Acts 2:21

Paul had dedicated his life to destroying those who had chosen to follow Jesus.

Then Jesus asked Paul to follow Him.

Paul accepted the call of The Lord and was saved.

Timothy was raised in a household that brought him up to know the Gospel as truth.

Jesus invited Timothy to be saved.

Timothy accepted. He too became a child of the King.

It doesn’t matter what your background is. Jesus is extending you the opportunity to come to Him for salvation.

Press On

John 17:4

Paul, Silas and Timothy were traveling through different lands. They were the first missionaries. They had a godly desire to get the Word out to all the lands.

They traveled through the Syria, Cilicia, Phyrygia and Galatia spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then they headed toward Asia, but the Spirit of The Lord forbid them from going there. Next they tried to go to Bithynia, but again the Spirit suffered them not. So they kept going until they reached Macedonia. There they proclaimed Jesus. Entire families were saved. People were healed. The Word did not go out void.

Like Paul, Silas and Timothy, eager Christians often have some great ideas on how to spread the Word and who to focus on getting the gospel to. Just remember that it doesn’t matter how great the idea is that you’ve come up with, or who you have decided to reach, if The Lord hasn’t ordained it it won’t be a success.

Be sure to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Look to Him as your guide, not a just a traveling companion. Keep pressing on as a servant of His. He’ll give you something to do. Just be willing and persistent.

What If?

Matthew 6:21

Imagine that you’ve been beaten, thrown into prison and chained to the ground.

What would your prayer be?

Would you pray earnestly for an opportunity to escape? Would you pray diligently that you would be let go? Or would you pray for God to be glorified? Would you pray that The Lord would use you to lead others to Christ?

Paul and Silas didn’t have to imagine that scenario. They lived it. In the midst of their imprisonment we are told that they prayed and sang praises to God.

What did they pray?

The bible doesn’t record their words so instead we’ll look at their actions:

An earthquake came while the jailor slept. Paul and Silas’ chains were loosed off their feet. The jailor was ready to kill himself. And then Paul yelled out “we’re all here”.

Escaping must not have been at the front of their minds.

The jailor humbly fell before Paul and Silas. He wanted to be saved. Paul and Silas explained to him salvation. The man and his household were saved and baptized within the hour.

Leading others to Jesus must have been the bulk of their prayer.

The next morning Paul and Silas were free to go worship with their new brothers and sisters in Christ.

God has every situation working for your good. You focus on Him. He’ll work out the details.

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