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you are the builder


Desolate can be defined as “a place deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness”.
The prophet Jeremiah speaks of people that choose not to build with a corner stone will be desolate forever. 
What do I get from that?: People who haven’t built their life founded upon Jesus will be left wanting. 
Know what/who you are building your life upon. Make sure that Jesus is at the base of everything you do. Only this foundation will lead to a prosperous life filled with abundance. 

And More

Ephesians 3:20

Ruth just wanted her and her mother in laws life to be sustained. She went to Boaz’s field with that intention.

She left that evening with more barley than she had planned on, a place to refresh herself when she became weary and food and water to give her strength.

She went into the fields expecting to just get by and left with blessings that exceeded her imagination.

Isn’t that just like our lives with Jesus?

We come to Him just wanting a Savior. But in addition to that he feeds us, supplies our every need and gives us rest. He becomes our Provider.

Humble yourselves before The Lord. He has great plans to bless you beyond what you can even fathom.

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