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Using the Word to Encourage Others

Traveling Guide

Saul had been struck blind on the road to Damascus. He would’ve been left to wander, not knowing which way to turn or which way to go had it not been for the people traveling with him. They took him by the hand and led him to the city. They were his guides.

It is our job as Christians, the ones that can see, to lead the spiritually blinded to Christ. We are responsible for showing others the pathway to Jesus. Without our guidance they’ll be lost.

Acts 9:1-8


The Philistines were warring against Keilah. David went to The Lord asking if he should lead his people into battle against the Philistines. The Lord said “Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.”

David rallied the troops. He told them the plan of action. They were hesitant. They were doubtful that The Lord would ask this of them.

So David enquired of The Lord yet again. And again he received the same instruction. David went back to the men, confident that he had heard the Lord correctly. He and his men fought the Philistines and saved Keilah.

Sometimes we want reassurance that God is guiding us and that we’re not getting off the path He has laid out. Ask Him to reassure you in those times. Because even when it seems like the whole world is going in a different direction knowing that God is with you gives you the courage to keep traveling down the road He has put you on.

I Samuel 23:1-5

Women’s Conference

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Answering Prayers

Naaman knew that God was able to cleanse him of his leprosy by just speaking a word. But instead of being prayed over and walking away cleansed Naaman had to do something. For that healing he was required to dip himself in the river seven times. This highly irritated Naaman. He turned away from God before he finally surrender to doing things His way. As soon as he followed God’s plan he was healed.

Have you ever petitioned God about something expecting it to just happen? Of course it can work like that but sometimes God requires more from us. Often times we are asked to aid in the answering of our prayers. Not because God isn’t perfectly capable of answering them on His own but so that we will grow in Him.

II Kings 5:1-15

Playing a Part?

The life you’re portraying…is it an act or is it real? Are you going through the motions of living Christlike because that’s what you think people expect of you? Or are you truly living for Jesus? Are you living your life with the intent of bringing Him glory?

People walk around seemingly serving God. But God knows what’s on the inside. He knows whether it’s just for display or if it’s done out of deep love and devotion.

I encourage you to dig a little. Ask The Lord to show you why you live the way you do. If you feel convicted simply pray for the desires of your heart to change. Jesus will gladly turn your masquerade into rooted reality.


John 12:26-28

Sometimes it can be so difficult to deny our flesh to do The Lord’s will. But that isn’t an excuse not to do it.

Jesus’ soul was troubled when he thought of the pain and suffering he would endure as he was beaten, and crucified. In His flesh he wanted no part of it. But in his spirit he knew that it was what his Father wanted from him.

Jesus knew that there was purpose in being the perfect sacrifice. That purpose was why He came to earth.

There is purpose in the work that The Lord gives us. It isn’t just a time filler. It’s not just for our own benefit. His will being accomplished in our lives brings glory to God and draws others to Him.

So before you brush off the dealing of the Holy Spirit remember that glorifying God is why you are here. It’s your purpose too. Allow the Father’s will to be the final say in your life.

What’s Your Base?

Through fleshly eyes we judge that murder is more sinful than honoring one’s parents. But breaking either commandment is sin. The varying part comes when the consequences are reaped.

Being a supremely moral person or a constant do-good worker is a great thing. But Jesus’ blood alone is what covers all sin allowing you to spend eternity in heaven.

Society’s standards judge differently than the Word. Do not be deceived. Live your life based on the Truth.

A new perception

Jesus teaches that the Spirit of The Lord living within us is what causes our eyes to see and our ears to hear. The Spirit provides us with a new perception. What was once foolishness now makes sense. What was once hard to believe now is the reason we live. The Spirit taking up residence in your life not only provides comfort and power but it changes your interpretation.

Matthew 13:10-17

Stand Your Ground

The Syrian King sent message to Ahab, King of Israel, telling him that he would be coming to take his silver, gold, wives and children. Ahab didn’t protest.

Then the king of Syria sent another message stating that when he came he would also go throughout Ahab’s servants’ houses and take whatever he thought would be beneficial to him. Ahab realized that he had a problem that needed to be dealt with.

He called upon the elders of Israel for counsel. They told him to stand against the king of Syria, to fight for himself and his people. Ahab took their advice.

Sometimes we decide to let things slide in hopes of sufficing the devil. That thinking is flawed. Free passes are cracks that will eventually crumble a foundation if left alone. Every decision that we make concerning submission to Jesus or submission to the schemes of the Satan affect us. Consider none of it lightly. Stand your ground.

I Kings 20:1-21

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