Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others

Follow Along

Naaman was not only captain over Syrian’s army but he was also a leper. He went to Elisha, a prophet of God, to be healed of the disease.

Elisha told him to be cleansed of the leprosy by washing in Jordan seven times.

Naaman left in a rage. How dare the prophet tell him to do something as simple as washing himself in the Jordan River! He was going home angry…and still diseased with leprosy.

Naaman’s servants stepped in: “Master, if Elisha had asked you to do some great thing, wouldn’t you have done it?”

The servants had learned to be obedient to their master. They didn’t allow their opinion to affect their service. They were willing to obey at all cost. This way of life prepared the servants to offer wisdom to Naaman when he became the one receiving instruction.

We aren’t here to lead The Lord in what direction we think is best. We are here to be led by Him. As followers of Christ we should be willing to do whatever task The Lord has laid out before us, regardless of our opinion.

You Can Do Hard Things

The enemy was furious. The Israelites we’re building a temple for God. “Who told you to build this temple? Give us their names!”

The elders of Israel looked them square in the eye and said “the God of heaven and earth.”

Two things to notice:

1) the Israelites knew who they were working for

2) they knew to make it about God, not themselves.

It is so much easier to do hard things when you remember that you are working for the God of heaven and earth. When you remember that the battle really isn’t yours but it’s His and He has it under control.

God is for you. He is using you to bring Him glory. Be bold in doing His will.

Get Rid of It

Are you willing to get rid of any object that might stand in the way of you serving Christ?

The crowd stood in awe at the bonfire the men had going. Items valued at fifty thousand pieces of silver shot up in flames.

The scorched items were once sorcerers books. The information, practices and beliefs went directly against what Paul had just taught. The material was the opposite of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the men, after accepting Jesus as their personal savior, took their books and burnt them.

They wanted to take away the temptation to turn back to their old way of life.

Is there something standing between you and the Lord? If so I encourage you to give up whatever it is. It isn’t worth the value you have placed on it.

Don’t Quit

Nehemiah set out to build the wall around Jerusalem. He had just finished rallying the Jewish nation when the surrounding countries interjected their opinion: “are you crazy?” And “this will never work!”

Nehemiah looked them in the eye and stood on God’s promise. “It is going to work and you have no part in it. We aren’t consulting you.”

And then Nehemiah and the people began to work on what the Lord had given them.

Remember this: we don’t need the world’s nod of approval before we do the work of the Lord. We need only God’s blessing to go forward.

Firstfruits Instead of Leftovers

All Elijah asked of the woman was a small meal. No big deal….except for they were living in the midst of a three year drought and the woman had just enough flour and oil to make a meal for her and her son.

Maybe she could eat sparingly and then pass on the leftovers…surely that would be acceptable.

But it wasn’t. Elijah wanted the first serving.

At first glance you’re probably thinking “really Elijah? This is her and her son’s last meal…”

But in reality Elijah was opening up the door for her and her son to be blessed in the future. And by specifically asking for the first portion of the meal he was closing the door to a greater temptation to deny him.

The woman gave Elijah the first serving and was blessed with plenty of food from that day forward, just as Elijah had said.

God comes to you seeking the best and In return you’ll receive blessings. So will you deny yourself and give to Him or will you take care of your needs first and give God what is leftover?

Friend or Foe

Sergius Paulus wanted to hear the Word of God. So he called for Paul and Barnabas to come preach to him.

When the preachers arrived Elymas, a false prophet who was with Sergius, tried to block Barnabas and Paul from getting to Sergius.

Elymas knew that these preachers spoke truth and he wanted Sergius to have no part in it. He knew that a change in Sergio’s’ heart would mean that he’d be out of a job.

Are you under the impression that no one really intends to hurt you? Or That everyone is looking out for your best interest?

Don’t be deceived.

The battle we are in is real. Be careful who you surround yourself with and who you allow to have influence over you.


Have you ever been tempted to sin because you didn’t think the outcome would be significant enough to really affect anyone?

Paul says “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.”

Meaning: There isn’t any room in your life for sin.

Sin is what cost Jesus his life. He gave himself away to pay your sin debt. Our choice shouldn’t be made lightly.


Nehemiah was faced with a problem: the people were buying and selling on the Sabbath day from outside merchants.

His solution was two-fold:

1) he told the children to stop buying on the Sabbath; to be obedient to the law.

2) he told the outsiders that they weren’t allowed to sell there anymore.

Remember that approach next time you face a similar situation: Encourage the person going through it to follow God’s will and do all within your power to make the situation easier for them to succeed.

Passion to Purpose

Simon and Andrew were fisherman. It’s what they knew, liked and and were successful with. Jesus was able to take their profession and use it to His glory. With an analogy He opened the men’s eyes to service.

Jesus can go beyond using analogies. He can actually use peoples’ professions or hobbies as means to glorify Him:

A carpenter can use his skills to help repair a House of The Lord. A musician can perform in worship service. A baker can bake food for a homeless shelter.

If you’re struggling with finding a way to minister to the world look at what God has already given you. Take the talents He has blessed you with to bring Him glory.

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