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Using the Word to Encourage Others

#winning Peace

“Peace isn’t a result of an absence of conflict. Instead, peace is a constant in our lives when we live in the will of our Savior.” …#winning Wisdom for God’s Warriors

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Feet to Your Faith

Jehoshaphat prayed before the people of Israel a something similar to this: “Lord, you’ve fought for us before and you said you’d fight for us again. We have three groups of people that are out to get us. Will you take care of it? We have no idea what to do. We’re looking to you for deliverance.”

The Lord responded something like this: “Don’t be afraid. The battle is mine, not yours. Go down against them tomorrow by the cliff of Ziz and you’ll find them at the brook. You’ll not have to fight the battle. Just watch. I’m going to be with you.”

Jehoshaphat told the people to believe the Lord. They put feet to their faith and went to the cliff of Ziz the next day. Their singing and praises stopped when they looked over the cliff. They stood in awe because their enemies already laid dead upon the ground. The three groups had turned on each other. God showed up for them, just like he said he would.

The people could have hid away and lived in fear of their enemies. But instead they chose to face the enemy head on. Because they did they were able to see that God was for them, yet again.

The Lord has spoken many promises to us in the Word, including his promise to use us in his kingdom. (Philippians 1:6) Are we acting on it by getting out there and spreading his love or are we shying away thinking we aren’t of any use? God has gone before us, we just need to follow.

II Chronicles 21:1-30

Diverse, Yet Unified

Jesus stood on the shoreside with breakfast ready for his seven disciples that had been fishing all night. When they saw Jesus they all went to him. One of the disciples jumped into the water and swam to shore. The other six came to Jesus in the boat. Their actions were different, but they were all rewarded with the same breakfast.

Different personalities make up the body of Christ. Because of this difference the methods we use to put action to the Word won’t always look the same. Some people are methodical and thrive in the routine. Others do their best in new situations and caught up in the moment. Either way each type of person can be an effective worker in the body of Christ. Just keep serving Jesus the way you do. God will use our diversity for his glory.

John 21:4-13

#winning at Christmas

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Details: #winning is a 16 lesson Bible study on wisdom. Scripture studies come from both the Old and New Testaments. It can be completed individually or in a small group.

#winning DIRECTION

What are you fighting the good fight of faith with? “Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.” Ecclesiastes 9:18

You can get your own copy of #winning on Amazon or Westbow Press. Links below. 👇🏻

Praise in Persecution

Imagine that you’ve been beaten, thrown into prison and chained to the ground. What would your prayer be? Would you pray earnestly for an opportunity to escape? Would you pray diligently that you would be let go? Or would you pray for God to be glorified and that The Lord would use you to lead others to Christ?

Paul and Silas didn’t have to imagine that scenario. They lived it. In the midst of their imprisonment we are told that they prayed and sang praises to God. The bible doesn’t record their words so we’ll look at their actions:

An earthquake came while the jailor slept. Paul and Silas’ chains were loosed off their feet. They could have slipped off, free to go. The jailor was ready to kill himself because he thought that had already happened. But Paul yelled out “we’re all here” before he could take his own life. The jailor fell before Paul and Silas wanting to be saved. Paul and Silas led him to Christ. The man and his household were saved and baptized within hours.

Their prayer most likely hadn’t been repetitive pleas for freedom but filled with pledges to be willing to be used in whatever way God wanted. Escaping wasn’t at the front of Paul and Silas’ minds, but rather glorifying God in the midst of their persecution.

Focus on praising God regardless of your situation and he’ll work out the details for his glory.

Acts 16:20-34

Good night.

People ending their day with the Word blesses me!! And that they incorporate #winning into their studies?!?!??! i stand amazed by the Lord. Just give him what you have, no matter how small it may be, and he’ll use it for his glory. ❤️

Live Intentionally

Hezekiah determined within himself that he was going to do right by The Lord and that he was going to seek God. He lived intentionally and reaped the results.

Do you share the same plan?

Do you start each day determining to make decisions that represent The Lord well or do you go about your day without any conscious effort of being Christ like? Do you seek God’s will in your life or do you just go along without considering if you are doing what The Lord wants you to do? Do you give yourself completely to God all the time or do you serve him only when it’s convenient for you?

Like Hezekiah we should live intentionally for our God. He will bless our efforts.

II Chronicles 31:20-21

#winning & Wisdom

Not for one second do I believe that this 16 lesson study guide holds every answer to every problem. But, I do believe that the Lord has given this book to be used as a reference guide and to help us learn to live more effectively for him. When I began writing this book I asked the Lord to give me a passage of scripture to build it off of. He gave me I Samuel 18:5-30. The chapters are based off of these points found in that passage of scripture. God is so good to lead and direct!! If you want to get your own copy of #winning you can on Amazon or at Westbow Press. Links below. 👇🏻

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