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Using the Word to Encourage Others


The Word

working it for good


There are times when the teachings of Jesus are referenced by those that aren’t abiding by God’s Word. 
Take comfort in knowing that even in these instances the Word can be used for His glory. The Word won’t go out and return void.
~God’s Word is powerful enough to be heard over the voice of the speaker.~

Anchor of Hope


Where have you anchored your hope?

Are you trusting in your own perception or are you trusting in the Word?

Wait on the Lord. For with God nothing shall be impossible. 

the illustrated word


“We’d rather be in the will of The Lord hours from family and everything we have ever known than out of His will surrounded by the ones we love and familiar with our surroundings.”

That was the answer we’d give folks when they’d ask why we’d move so far away from home. It was our mantra for packing up our family and moving a day’s trip away.

But our four year old needed more of an illustration than an explanation. So The Lord gave me the story of the prodigal son.

It went something like this: “see Punkin, the boy was living with his daddy right where God had put him but he decided that he didn’t like where God wanted him. He thought it would be better for him to be somewhere else. So he decided to leave the place God had put him. But when he got to where he thought would be the best place he realized that it was way worse there. He wasn’t happy at all. So the boy wanted to go back to the place God told him to live. He went back to his daddy and started living where God told him to. Then he was happy again because he was living where God wanted him to live.

We know that Jesus wants us living here. And even if we decided to go back to where our family is we wouldn’t be happy. Our hearts will be happiest here because this is where God wants us.”

Peace would come over that child. She’d go back to playing and laughing within seconds of hearing the story of the prodigal son. 

And my heart would burst again with thankfulness for the guidance of the Spirit and for the healing balm that the Word provides.

Jesus continually offers peace and guidance to his children through his Word. Look to it for reassurance and comfort.

eat up


Thou preparest a table for me in the presence of mine enemies… Psalm 23:5
Perhaps you wouldn’t choose to have a meal at this time. But even when life is hard, even when you are being battled Jesus is still wanting to feed us, to grow us, to encourage us to rest in Him.
Be sure to feast on the Word when you are dealing with life. It’ll strengthen you, giving you energy to go on. 

check your response 


“I would die for you before I would deny you!”

On its own this bold statement that Peter made to Jesus seems commendable. It seems self-sacrificing.

Until you realize that it is a direct response to a Word from Christ. He had just said: “you will leave me.”

Peter just as well should have responded “You don’t know what you’re talking about Jesus. You don’t know me. And apparently you don’t know the future.”

Have you ever given that type of a response to Jesus? One in which you refuse to acknowledge Him as all knowing? 

If you’re denying His will for your life you are communicating to Him that you don’t trust His plan, His provision. 

Peter failed miserably when he went against our Lord. Learn from his mistake. Trust Jesus’ Word as infallible truth.

Hot Commodity

The rain and snow come down to fill the land with growth, to cause it to flourish.

At the root of a farmer’s success is precipitation. Without it he wouldn’t have income, wouldn’t live for lack of nourishment.

And so it is for a Christian.

Isaiah likens the Word of God to the rain and snow.

Without the Word a Christian won’t be able to produce fruit. A Christian would lack nourishment, taking away the opportunity to thrive and flourish.

That’s how important God’s Word is to His children, His church.

Treat it as a commodity that you can’t live without. Cherish it. Use it. Pray for it to be constant in your everyday life.

Time of Refreshing 

After ten days of being snowed in with three sick people I was ready for a break. I needed refreshing.

I told my husband “I need to get out. I just need to go do something.”
He, of course, was very supportive. 
So I headed to town. And my much desired trip went down the drain. Lines were long, stores were closed and to beat all my sandwich fell apart! I was even more frustrated than I was when I had left. 
On the ride home I focused myself completely on the Word. It was just me and Jesus. 
Immediately the day turned around. The refreshing I needed washed over me. God had provided. 
Not in the way I had anticipated…but so much better.
Amidst the chaotic or routine we can always find refreshing when we purposefully put ourselves in the presence of God. We need only to do it. 

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Favorite Gifts

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I get so excited for the Christmas season. Not just because of seeing my family, spending time with friends and all the activities that go along with the holiday but because I look for Jesus to meet me at some point throughout this special time. I wait for Him to open my eyes a little wider to His truth, to be able to see Him a bit more clearly. Each year I look forward to this present the most.

Jesus never disappoints.

A few years ago my spiritual eyes saw the “swaddling clothes” a little sharper.  The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about what else He was wrapped in: Love, Peace, Authority, Righteousness, Truth…

Isn’t God good? He took a simple phrase and changed my view of Christmas from there on out. Since then “swaddling clothes” has taken on an entirely different meaning. I no longer see them just as cloth that kept Baby Jesus warm; to me they are a reminder of what Jesus was wrapped up in for mankind.

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