Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Freely give 


My youngest daughter was insistent that I take her candy. I tried to refuse because I knew it was her last. She said “Mom! Take it! Janey will have more for me!”

She gave freely because she had freely received and as far as she knows the supply of candy will always be there. 

Do we love the same way? Do we share Jesus freely? Or do we become possessive of our gifts—forgiveness, grace and mercy to the point that we don’t want to share it with others because we want it only for ourselves? Because we deem only ourselves worthy of such great gifts? 

The gifts Jesus has bestowed upon you are abundant, endless. Don’t be stingy with what you have received. Freely give.

Stop the rumor mill

Jesus said “Even if John doesn’t die, I’m still the one to be followed.” 

The disciples response “Did you hear that John isn’t going to die!” The misunderstanding started to spread.

John stopped it in its track “No, Jesus didn’t say that I wouldn’t die. He said that my death shouldn’t matter to you followers of Christ.”

Could you imagine how Christians would be effected around the world if they were allowed to keep believing the lie that John wouldn’t die? John’s death would have shaken their faith to the core because they would begin to doubt Christ’s words.

If you hear a piece of information that you know to be false…be bold in standing up for the truth. If you let it go people could be seriously hurt. 

Friend or Foe?

A true friend is one that encourages you to grow in your walk with Christ, even when it may be awkward or hard to accept. 

And an enemy isn’t necessarily always forthright in their intentions. They’re destruction can be camouflaged to look like support.
Prayerfully decide who you will take advice from, who you will accept as a friend. 
Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of the enemy are deceitful. 

help a person out

Nehemiah was faced with a problem: the people were buying and selling on the Sabbath day from outside merchants.

His solution was two-fold: 

1) he told the children to stop buying on the Sabbath; to be obedient to the law.

2) he told the outsiders that they weren’t allowed to sell there anymore.

Remember that approach next time you face a similar situation: Encourage the person going through it to follow God’s will and do all within your power to make the situation easier for them to succeed.

Don’t be deceived


Sergius Paulus wanted to hear the Word of God. So he called for Paul and Barnabas to come to preach to him. 
When the preachers arrived Elymas, a false prophet who was with Sergius, tried to stop Barnabas and Paul from getting to Sergius. He knew that these men spoke truth and he wanted Sergius to have no part in it. 
Are you under the impression that no one really intends to hurt you? That everyone is looking out for your best interest?

Don’t be deceived.
The battle we are in is real. Be careful who you surround yourself with. Who you allow to have influence over you. 

Parental Love

Time, attention, and presence. These are the gifts of love that Mordecai displayed as he daily checked in with Esther, his adopted daughter.

He, being fleshly, knew the gifts that would resonate with his daughter.

How much more our Heavenly Father knows to bless us!

Jesus is daily watching over you. He is giving great attention and detail to your life. He is with you always.

What parental love.

Sacrificial Love


Sacrificial love:

It puts others’ needs first.

It’s a love that you can see.

It’s a love more than just emotion. It’s an action.

Jesus, leaving heaven to come to earth as a baby, giving his life for you, is the ultimate example of the sacrificial love.

Show your love for him. Sacrifice your fleshly desires to live a righteous life that glorifies Jesus.

Call on The Father


My children found a deer bedded down outside of our window this morning. When it stood up they realized that it’s foot was hurt.

Immediately I heard, “Mom!! Call Daddy!!! The deer is hurt. He’ll know what to do. Mom, please call Daddy!!!! The deer is hurt!!”

In Psalms the deer is symbolic of the founded Christian. It teaches us to thirst after The Living Water and to be founded in The Lord.

How do you handle the situation when you see “a deer” (another Christian) in need? Do you immediately seek out the wisdom of your “daddy” (Heavenly Father)? Do you realize the urgency of the situation?

Keep seeking Jesus and keep an eye out for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Circle of Friends


Moses climbed up the mountain ready to do his part in the battle against the Amaleks. His job was seemingly simple. All he had to do was hold the rod of God in the air and the Israelite people would prevail.

But as the battle raged on Moses tired of his task. When he would put his arm down to rest the Amaleks would take the lead.

In stepped Aaron and Hur. They came to Moses’ aid by holding his arm up for him. Because of their help Moses was able to lead the Israelites to victory.

Who comes to your side when you’re facing a battle? Which friends can you count on to encourage you, to help you succeed in doing God’s will for your life? Ask The Lord who those people are and then strengthen those relationships. If you can’t think of anyone pray that Jesus will send you Godly friends.

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