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Using the Word to Encourage Others



wisdom served

 “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies…”
In the midst of your battle seek God’s Word. Purpose yourself to get into it, to sit down, to take time and be filled.
Battles aren’t the time to deny the fellowship of the Lord instead they are a time in which we should seek His face. 
He has wisdom for you, ready and waiting to be served. 


So Z Dilly and I were playing a little bit of baseball this morning.
After hitting it twice in a row he said “I’m a good baseball player.”
Immediately scripture came to my mind “let a stranger praise thee”. 
I thought ‘oh no. He’s having so much fun. And I have been saying it…maybe he’s just repeating me. He’s too young for this lesson right now.’
Immediately I felt loving conviction: is anyone too young to be taught my ways?
Answer: No. The Word can be hidden in even a toddler’s heart. The Word only helps to grow a person to be more Christlike. It never harms them. 
“I’m a good baseball player mom!” He said it again. 
“Buddy, instead of saying ‘I’m so good!’ how about ‘look how Jesus helps me!'” I said. 
“Jesus helps me!” he said with a smile on his face. He wasn’t upset at all. 
Now that the moment has passed I look back and am so grateful for the conviction of the Spirit. For that verse in Proverbs. 
Because at age 3 my little guy is learning that all good gifts come from Jesus and that He is the one that deserves praise. 



Laws in Leviticus taught people to be lenient with the indebted. It taught them to give grace to those that were undeserving—–at their own expense. 
Sounds outlandish.
And it may be. 
But it is also the picture of the Gospel: Jesus, the sinless One, sacrificing himself for us, the sinful, giving us completely undeserved opportunity to live with Him. 
Grace at it’s finest. 
Aren’t you so thankful Jesus chose to grace you? Follow in His footsteps. Grace others. 

gifts vs The Giver of Gifts


Rejoicing over the power to cast out demons but not over the fact that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life is similar to…
•Giving counsel to someone without praying for God’s wisdom 
•Teaching others the Word without seeking the knowledge of Jesus
•Leading worship without the guidance of the Spirit
…If you’re making a bigger to-do over the gift than you are The Giver of Gifts you need to reprioritize. 



Noah built the ark because he judged God faithful. 

Sarah put forth the effort to conceive because she judged God faithful. 

Joshua led the people around Jericho because he judged God faithful. 

…maybe these people had some doubts but when the time came to make a choice they chose to go through with the plan, to trust Jesus and His promises, because they knew God would be faithful. 

How do you judge God’s faithfulness?

Look at how you handle the callings He puts on your life. Therein lies the answer.

second chances


Sarah laughed when she heard that she would be a mother in her old age. Probably because she had named herself as a bitter, forgotten, useless woman. 

But time had come for her to make a choice. Would she be a help to herself, her future, or would she continue as before?

She chose her future. She chose to see herself as needed, helpful and loved. The Lord blessed her inkling of optimism and blessed her as mother of the nations.

God sees us at our best. He doesn’t hold our worst against us. Neither we should we. Let bygones be bygones. Jump at the next opportunity the Lord gives you— I promise you there’s one coming. 

No loop holing 


 Jesus said to the Samarian woman, ‘Go get your husband…’

‘I don’t have a husband,’ she answered.

‘True. You’ve had five though and your living with a man now.’ 

Jesus didn’t mind awkwardness. 

(That was lighthearted but true. And seriously we shouldn’t mind awkwardness either when it comes to standing for what we believe in.)

The woman stood there dumbfounded. Here she had just tried to loophole the Messiah and He called her out on it.

We might think “what in the world? Why would she think she could trick Jesus?”

But haven’t you tried that before? 

I have. I’ve tried to justify sin. I’ve tried to find a way to make it okay in my mind. I’ve tried to twist the Word to meet my needs.

But it doesn’t work that way. No one is capable of molding Jesus into what we want Him to be. Instead we need to allow ourselves to be molded into what He would have us to be.

Loopholing doesn’t help us along. Instead it is a lie that will only slow us down.

Call sin sin and get out of it.

you are the builder


Desolate can be defined as “a place deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness”.
The prophet Jeremiah speaks of people that choose not to build with a corner stone will be desolate forever. 
What do I get from that?: People who haven’t built their life founded upon Jesus will be left wanting. 
Know what/who you are building your life upon. Make sure that Jesus is at the base of everything you do. Only this foundation will lead to a prosperous life filled with abundance. 

Burnt Out


The crowd stood in awe at the bonfire before them. Fifty thousand pieces of silver worth shot up in flames. 


The scorched items were once sorcerers books. The information, practices and beliefs went directly against what Paul had just taught them. They were the opposite of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the men, after accepting Jesus as their personal savior, took the books and burnt them. They wanted no evidence of the past in their future. They wanted no temptation as they moved forward.

Are you that devout? Are you willing to destroy any object that might stand in the way of serving Christ?

Jesus loved you so much that he had himself crucified. The only way that he could be that perfect sinless sacrifice was to deny himself.

I encourage you to give up whatever it is that stands between you and a closer walk with our Lord.

Serve Jesus wholeheartedly.

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