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Using the Word to Encourage Others



time’s ticking 


Governor Felix turned away Paul and the invitation to be saved because it wasn’t a “convenient season” for him. 

Essentially he chose to ignore Christ because it didn’t work into his plan at the moment. …sounds outlandish.

But how often do our actions mirror Felix’s?

Have you been putting off a calling the Lord has given you? A project? A phone call? Have you been ignoring Jesus all because you just don’t have time? 

Make time. The Lord of Heaven and Earth wants to use you for the upbuilding of His kingdom. Please don’t delay.  

Because life is but a vapor.

Paid in Full


This morning my chickadees and I stopped at Cracker Barrel to have breakfast. As we were finishing up the waitress said “somebody has taken care of your bill”.

I was so happy that someone would be so kind to bless my kids and myself! But then I was ecstatic because of the simple thought that directly followed her statement: paid in full.

Because I wasn’t thinking of the food in front of me. I was thinking of Jesus taking care of the debt I owed by giving Himself as the perfect spotless sacrifice for my sin. 

I stand completely free of any charges against me because of the power of His blood. He looked at me —and you—and saw the need for a Savior, so He provided. 

I am so grateful for His grace and mercy…and for the little extra showing of love: pancakes and eggs. 

Keep Engaged


 Sometimes I feel like I just don’t get what The Lord is trying to teach me.

It’s discouraging and I feel like if I don’t figure it out quick enough then The Lord will just throw up His hands in frustration and move on.

So I was very encouraged while studying my bible this morning. Because even though I knew God doesn’t just dismiss His children in frustration He gave me an example. 


Three times Jesus asked Peter “Peter do you love me?”. 

Three times Jesus had to say to Peter “feed my sheep.”

Jesus also gave Peter a vision concerning what once was unclean meat. 

Three times God had to tell Peter that it was now okay to eat what was once unclean.

Three times.

The Lord kept speaking to Peter until he got it. 

Peter just stayed engaged. He kept communicating with The Lord until it finally dawned on him what was being said.

Our God. The creator of each and every human that has ever walked His beautiful earth cares enough about us to patiently teach us. He doesn’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on Him. Be still and know that He is God.

get going 

Samuel anointed Saul as king. He had been with him every step of the way. Offering him counsel. Imparting wisdom upon him. Making known the way of The Lord. 

Saul and Samuel shared an unique bond.

Then Saul turned his back on The Lord. He went against the instructions from God to rely completely on himself. 

Samuel was distraught. The man that he had invested most of his life to was destroying the good that God had given him.

Samuel mourned for what Saul had done with his life.

He was sorrowful for the choices that Saul had made.

He was consumed with disappointment.

Then The Lord came to Samuel. 

He told him that he still had work for him to do. Samuel was to quit dwelling on Saul. Now was the time to move forward.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way that we had hoped they would. People fail us. We fail God. But God doesn’t want us to stay in a place of defeat. He doesn’t want us to dwell on our difficult pasts. He wants us to get up and get moving forward.

Your past doesn’t have to hinder your future with Jesus.

Be Bold


The enemy was furious. The Israelites we’re building a temple for God. “Who told you to build this temple? Give us their names!”

The elders of Israel looked them square in the eye and said “the God of heaven and earth.”

Two things to notice:
1) the Israelites knew who they were working for 
2) they knew to make it about God, not themselves.

It is so much easier to do hard things when you remember that you are working for the God of heaven and earth. When you remember that the battle really isn’t yours but it’s His and He has it under control. 

God is for you. He is using you to bring Him glory. Be bold in doing His will. 

Keep praying 


 The unjust judge gave the woman what she requested of him because of her persistence.

How much more then will our Lord give us the desires of our heart when we take them to Him? 

Keep praying. Don’t give up.

Against Common Sense


“Row! Row!” the crew members shouted at one another. “Row harder!!”

“Just throw me in! The storm will stop! Just throw me in! I’m running from the Lord! Just throw me in and it will stop!” Jonah was sure that he was the reason for the storm; that he was the reason they couldn’t reach land. 

The crew members were convinced that they were going to throw him to his death.

They threw Jonah overboard. Then the storm ceased. 

The pagan men began worshipping the Lord, in awe of His power over nature.

And Jonah didn’t perish. The Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah. He had a life preserver waiting.

So let’s look at this from the crew members perspective. 

1) They saw a problem: Jonah’s presence on their ship

2)They came up with a plan: row to land and drop off Jonah.

3)They went against what they wanted to do and gave up: they threw Jonah overboard. 

4)God moved in their life and Jonah’s like never before: they became followers of the one True God and Jonah submitted to God’s calling in the belly of the fish.

It’s hard not to follow our common sense. But the Lord’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts. If you are being led to go in a seemingly outlandish direction—go with it, no matter how doubtful you are about the outcome.

The Lord will bless in ways that you would never expect.

freedom granted


Joshua stood before The Lord awaiting the sentence. He had just been put on trial, prosecuted by Satan himself. As he anxiously awaits the verdict he knows it doesn’t look good. The arguments made against him were valid. He had made many mistakes in the past. 

His head dropped as he realized that his future hung in the balance and that his end was coming up short. 

Satan was silenced as the Judge spoke, “This man will not be tried based on who he once was.” 

The sentence was given: freedom to move forward. 

Joshua’s head jerked up as he stared at the Judge.

“Joshua has been forgiven of all his past sin. I no longer hold him accountable. He has been awarded a fresh start.”

Satan stood beside Joshua defeated. 

Joshua stood before The Lord sinless, without fault.

And in this we see a picture of ourselves.

Christian, remember that when Satan stands beside you, buffeting you, that Jesus is standing before you, calling you to freedom. He no longer holds you accountable for past sin. Don’t allow the Naysayer deter you from living a life of victory. 

Reach out to Jesus instead of falling into step with the enemy.

An Army Rising Up


Occasionally the Lord had is people use a visual to get his point across. So this evening I’m leaving you with one.

This is my seven year old daughter. She came up to me while I was studying the Word, pulled out her study guide and got to work seeking the Lord.
Be encouraged. There’s an army rising up.

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