Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others



Trickle Effect


Matthew 26:41

II Samuel 11:14-17

To cover up an affair with Uriah’s wife David had Uriah sent to the front of the battle to be killed.

Others had to be sent with Uriah so that the murder wouldn’t be so obvious.

Consequently, several innocent soldiers lost their lives because of one man’s sin.

When you choose to go against The Lord you aren’t the only one affected.

Hidden Talents


Colossians 3:17

Mark 1:16-18

Simon and Andrew were fisherman. It’s what they knew, liked and and were successful with. Jesus was able to take their profession and use it to His glory. With an analogy He opened the men’s eyes to service.

Jesus can go beyond using analogies. He can actually use peoples’ professions or hobbies as means to glorify Him:

A carpenter can use his skills to help repair a House of The Lord….

An musician can perform in worship service….

A baker can bake food for a homeless shelter….

If you’re struggling with finding some way to reach out to the world look at what God has already given you.

Take the talents He has already blessed you with to bring Him glory.

Listen Cautiously


Judges 16:15-30

I Thessalonians 5:22

Questions can turn a persons world upside down. They can even cause you to waiver in your faith.

Samson allowed himself to become weakened by listening to the same question over and over: “where does your strength come from?”

Finally he answered Deliliah. That was the death of him and three thousand other people.

Be careful not to entertain what you know to be foolish questions. Because after a while of being bombarded by them they may seem more legit.

Instead go straight to the Word and cling to it for answers. The Truth will never lead you astray.

Bubbling Over


John 4:12-14

Dehydration can be fatal if not taken care of.

But not just for our physical bodies but for our souls too.

This world can provide drinks of water (success in careers, popularity, education, relationships) but they will never be able to quench the thirst of the soul.

Jesus alone provides living water springing up within a believer. He is the one that is capable of preventing dehydration both physically and spiritually speaking.

I encourage you to not to rely on the world to quench your thirst. Instead allow the living water within you to provide your hydration. You’ll never thirst again.

Shine On


I Corinthians 15:58

Luke 8:17

Do you sometimes get discouraged in your walk with Christ because you feel like you aren’t really making a difference?

If Jesus is living within you then He is radiating through you. Your light is shining bright. You are having an affect on this dark world.

Your obedient life isn’t being lived in vain.

Keep on shining.



Matthew 6:33

I Kings 17:8-16

All Elijah wanted was a little water and a morsel of bread. That’s all he asked of the woman. No big deal….except for they were living in the midst of a three year drought and the woman had just enough flour and oil to make a meal for her and her son.

Maybe she could eat sparingly and then pass on the leftovers…surely that would be acceptable.

But it wasn’t. Elijah wanted the first serving. That’s specifically what he had asked for.

At first glance you’re probably thinking “really Elijah? This is her and her son’s last meal…”

But in reality Elijah was opening up the door for her and her son to be blessed. And by specifically asking for the first portion of the meal he was closing the door to a greater temptation to deny him. He also gave her a guarantee: If the woman did as he had asked she and her son wouldn’t have to go hungry during the drought another day.

The woman gave Elijah the first serving and was blessed just as Elijah had said.

This is a picture of our relationship with Jesus.

Put yourself in the role of the widowed woman and allow God to take the part of Elijah. The son could represent the cares of this world.

God comes to you seeking the best, the first portion of your life. In return you’ll receive blessings. You are then met with a choice: do you deny yourself and give to Him or do you take care of your needs first and give God what is leftover?

What do you choose to do when your confronted with this decision? I encourage you to be like the widow woman: choose to give God your best. He’ll bless you for it.



Paul traveled many miles in the name of Jesus. On these trips he was mocked, persecuted, beaten and imprisoned. Eventually he died as a martyr for our Lord.

He never quit running the race. He just kept going. He kept relying on the strength of God.

Keep living for Jesus. He’ll see you through to the end.

Wiping Out Debt

Matthew 6:15

Nehemiah 5:1-13

The Israelites were holding debts over each other’s heads. People were being traded into slavery. The lenders were taking more than their fair share from the debtors. The situation was getting out of hand.

The Lord told the lenders to wipe the debt from the records and to restore the people.

He told them that if they didn’t they would suffer consequences.

The lenders gladly freed their brethren of their debts.

Isn’t that a picture of forgiveness?

The offender (debtor) has gotten into a mess and the offended (lender) capitalizes on the situation. They just keep oppressing them from a poor judgment choice once made.

But when they offended (lender) listens to what God has to say “forgive them or I won’t forgive you” the situation changes. The offender (debtor) is released of the torment of constantly being reminded of how they were wrong. The offended (lender) no longer has to keep a record, constantly reminding themselves of the wrongdoing.

God holds nothing against you when you come to Him. Let the burden of holding grudges go. Everyone will benefit from it.



Psalm 124:1

If it had not been The Lord who was on our side…

David went on to acknowledge that without the help of The Lord the Israelites would have long been destroyed by their enemies.

How would you finish this sentence?

…I’d be on my way to Hell.

…I’d be unsure of the life I’m living.

…I would be second guessing every decision I make.

…I would be scared to raise my children in this world.

…I wouldn’t have a smile on my face.

Think on what The Lord has provided for you. Meditate on who you are because of Him.

Have you thanked Him lately for the difference that He has made in your life?

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