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Immediately Act


The Israelite army listened to the threat of Goliath for forty days straight. Day after day passed and no one could summon up the courage to fight the giant. They actually reached the point where they would flee when Goliath would just show his face. 

Then came David. He heard the threat of Goliath once. Immediately he reacted. He went to the king to seek permission to fight on his country’s behalf.

He fought and won.

What was a difference in David and the army of men?

David’s boldness wasn’t given time to dissipate. His immediate action took away the opportunity to dissect why his plan wouldn’t work. On the other hand the army’s procrastination was the perfect breeding ground for fear. 

Let us take a page out of David’s book and be quick to act on the Lord’s will so that the voice of the enemy doesn’t wear us down.


Naaman was not only captain over Syrian’s army but he was also a leper. He went to Elisha, a prophet of God, to be healed of the disease. 

Elisha told him to be cleansed of the leprosy by washing in Jordan seven times.

Naaman left in a rage. How dare the prophet tell him to do something as simple as washing himself in the Jordan River! He was going home angry…and still diseased with leprosy.

Naaman’s servants stepped in: “Master, if Elisha had asked you to do some great thing, wouldn’t you have done it?” 

The servants had learned to be obedient to their master. They didn’t allow their opinion to affect their service. They were willing to obey at all cost. This way of life prepared the servants to offer wisdom to Naaman when he became the one receiving instruction.

We aren’t here to lead The Lord in what direction we think is best. We are here to be led by Him. As followers of Christ we should be willing to do whatever task The Lord has laid out before us, regardless of our opinion.

Unaltered Thinking 


Adam and Eve were unashamed of their nakedness as they walked in the Garden of Eden. 

Then they sinned against God. 
Immediately they became uncomfortable with something that had once been acceptable. Quickly they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.
Sin had altered their way of thinking. 
We are told to abstain from the appearance of evil; to pray that we won’t give into temptations; to be renewed in the spirit of our minds. 
One reason we are given these commandments is so that we will be level-headed as we make decisions for our future; so that we won’t allow the influence of sin to persuade our choices. 
Because of the fall of man the original plan of perfection has been altered.  But Jesus brought with Him a plan of redemption, able to restore us to the perfect grace of God. 
So let us press on, willing to make decisions based only on His righteousness.

trust issues


 The time had come for the Jewish people to make a decision: were they going to trust the opinion of the men in charge or were they going to place their trust in Jesus?

They decided to go with man’s opinion and crucify the Savior. 

Their trust had been misplaced and in turn they were led the wrong way.

Forsaking Christ to follow after man’s opinion never ends well. 

Trust in Jesus.

Eternal Forecast


As a historical storm was forecasted to pass through our area people began to prepare.

News stations showed pictures of bread aisles at local grocery stores being wiped out.

The picture resonated with me.

What if people sought after the Bread of Life when storms came their way? Or even when life was going splendidly? What if people were prepared to meet the Lord?

It’s our job, as Christ’s followers to make them aware.

Share the eternal forecast:
One day you will come face to face with the Creator. Be prepared by having the Bread of Life, Jesus, as your advocate.

Money Problems

Their houses weren’t the best. Their clothes weren’t the greatest. They barely had enough food to eat.

They couldn’t figure it out. The money they were making seemed to be held in a bag with holes. It seemed as if they were always spinning their wheels, never getting ahead.

Then The Lord revealed to them the cause of their problems: unwise financial choices. He pointed out the house of God as it laid in ruins, untouched, uncared for. No one was willing to give to the rebuilding of the temple because they were too concerned with making sure they were taken care of.

Their money wasn’t being invested in the things of God.

Do you feel like you can’t get out of the hole? Or that you have to live just scraping by? If so take a look at where your money is going. If God isn’t on the list put Him there, at the top. Or if you believe that you are investing in the work of The Lord but aren’t seeing a good turnaround check and make sure what you are supporting. Dig a little deeper into the ministry to make sure that it is lifting up Jesus and not just a front to scheme money.

Being blessed financially begins with giving The Lord His portion first.

Haggai 1:2-14

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