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Tell It To Him


Hezekiah received the news that his time on earth was coming to an end. He went to The Lord in prayer. He cried out to Him. He told The Lord exactly what was in his heart.

The Lord heard Hezekiah’s prayers. He saw Hezekiah’s tears. The Lord blessed him with another fifteen years of life.

How often do you pray for yourself?

Christians are all the time taking prayers requests of others before The Lord. They can be found praying for another person’s walk with Jesus. Or for The Lord to bestow blessings on a friend or family member.

But how often are you pouring your heart out to God on your behalf?

Hezekiah could have turned to Isaiah, the prophet and messenger of the bad news, and asked him to pray. He could have just left it in his hands. 

But he didn’t.

Hezekiah knew that only he could convey to The Lord how he was truly feeling. He knew that The Lord alone could understand the tears he was crying. The passion he felt couldn’t be duplicated by another person. He needed to take it before his God himself.

Jesus loves to hear from you whenever you pray, regardless of the subject matter. But don’t miss out on the reason He died on the cross, the reason the veil was ripped in two. It was to have a personal relationship with you. 

Jesus is there for you wanting to hear your thoughts, fears, praises. He wants you to tell Him all about you and your life. 

Don’t neglect yourself in your prayer life. You know your situation, needs, desires, emotions better than anybody else. 

Take it to Jesus. Tell Him all about it.

God’s Timetable


God told the children of Israel that they couldn’t enter Canaan until the oldest generations had passed away.

So why didn’t they just kill those folks to get there faster? Wouldn’t that have worked?

I’m sure you are thinking “no!!”; rightly so. 

The Children knew that if they killed the people they would be going against God’s law “thou shalt not kill”.

They wouldn’t be rewarded for wrongdoing. It wouldn’t have helped out. It would have made it worse. 

Put that on a small scale. 

How often do we take matters into our own hands even when it goes directly against God’s will? What do we wrongfully compromise to get an intended end result?

It won’t work in your favor. 

Follow God’s guiding throughout the entire journey. His will, and timetable, are always perfect. 



Silas, Timothy and Paul were led of the Spirit to preach Jesus to the Jews in Corinth. 

The message wasn’t well received and neither were they.

But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t quit preaching Jesus. Discouragement didn’t keep them from moving forward in their calling to spread the gospel. 

They just dusted themselves off and kept on working. 

They could do this because they knew what they would be held accountable for: spreading the Gospel, not how people reacted. 

You may not be getting the results you have anticipated or hoped for. But as long as you are being led by the Spirit rest assured you are doing good and right and your work will stand the fire. 

When Happiness is a Lie…

15 years ago a friend of mine was living in sin. When confronted about it she said “but I’m happy and that’s what really matters.”

This morning the Lord brought that story back to my mind as I read “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1 Timothy 6:6).

My friend’s happiness (contentment) didn’t make the sin okay. It was only clouding her judgment.

Contentment is beneficial to us only when it lines up with the Word. Otherwise it leads to substantial loss.

Allow the truths of God to lead you, to be what makes you content and then you’ll be blessed.

Still Blessed


The woman gathered vessels from her neighbors to be filled by God with oil. This was a public display of her faith.

Later, within her own home and her door shut she and her two sons filled every pot to the brim. They did so privately.

Sometimes we experience situations or trials that seem to be on display for the world to see. As a result The Lord blesses immensely. Occasionally those blessings come intimately, between only you and Him.

That doesn’t make them any less significant.

God loves you. Allow him to show you that even when no one else is looking.

Psalm 25:14

II Kings 4:1-7

Accept the Blessing


People in Jerusalem were in the midst of a famine.

Did God send them manna from above? No.

Did Jesus bless five loaves and two fishes to feed that multitude? No.

Instead the people were fed through the generosity of the church, God’s people.

The method wasn’t miraculous but it was sufficient.

Have you ever been in the place where you’ve rejected God’s blessing because you were wanting something “better”?

Whatever or however God sees fit to provide for you is best. Gratefully accept his loving-kindness, his provision, no matter how it may come.

Philippians 4:19

Acts 11:27-30

Outbursts of Praise

music-159868_640 (1)
Sometimes I just break into song because of how The Lord has blessed me. 🙂

I know I’m not alone. David said the exact same thing.

I’m sure there are many of you who randomly burst into song because you too are happy in The Lord. (Shout out to my mother ;)).

And for this I am thankful. Because it is good to enjoy God’s blessings. Sing it aloud. He is worthy of your praise.

Psalm 13:6



My daughter announced that she was going to be the “light switch helper” at school today.

Immediately my thoughts traveled back 5 years. I remember holding her up to the light switch and allowing her to turn it on and off. She would just be so proud of herself and of her accomplishment.

“You know you started preparing for this day a long time ago.” I said, smiling in the rear view mirror. I relayed the story to them. They thought that it was hilarious and so neat. 

Then The Lord spoke to me. “Just like I’ve been preparing you.”

Nothing is by chance with our Lord. He uses even the smallest things that we may not even be able to recall to prepare us for where we are now. For who we are in Him. For where we will be one eternal day.

Keep serving Jesus faithfully. He’s in the midst of doing a great work in your life.

Matthew 25:23

Godly Reverence


Joshua kicked his shoes off as quickly as he could. He had just been told, by an angel of The Lord, that he was on holy ground.

How do you react when you are in the presence of God?

Do you have an “it’s about time you showed up” attitude?

Or do you worship him, humbled and grateful for the experience of being acknowledged by the Creator?

Appreciate God’s presence in your life, even if you aren’t agreeable to the plan. Because God loves you enough to devote time to you and He is working it to your good.

Joshua 5:13-15

Psalm 33:8

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