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A Sabbath Year

“Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof; But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the Lord: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard.”

‭‭Leviticus‬ ‭25:3-4

I’ve been blogging for six years. So in accordance with this scripture I will be taking a break from daily posts. Much love to you all!

Worth It

Joshua was commanded to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground.

The removing of his shoes had significance. It wasn’t just a random commandment of The Lord.

Joshua’s shoes represented the filth of the world that he had been dealing with.

The removal of the shoes teaches us that we are capable of putting all things aside and focusing completely on Jesus.

Just as Joshua was able to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground, you are able to separate yourself from the cares of this world when you commune with Jesus. Begin with prayer. Ask The Lord to change your frame of mind…to lead you…to consume your thoughts.

It will require effort to meet with Jesus fully focused on him. Just as it required effort for Joshua to remove his shoes. You may have to move to a different place. (Maybe from the work area to the kitchen table.) He may have you change the time you meet with Him. (Maybe from a nighttime reading to an early morning devotional.) Just be willing to make any changes He requires of you. The results will be well worth it.

Where are you looking?

Have you allowed yesterday’s poor decisions affect today?

Have you allowed a missed opportunity to proclaim Jesus put you in a place where you’ve decided you’ll never be of use to The Lord?

Have you committed a sin that you feel has completely ruined your witness? Are you wanting to just give up serving Him because you think there is no coming back from it?

Remember Paul? The guy who we first met at the stoning of a Christian? The guy who was living his life to see Christians persecuted and sentenced to death? He was literally doing everything he could to get rid of Jesus’ followers.

Until he became one himself.

Then he turned into a huge advocate for the case of Christ. He spoke to councils. He led churches. He became one of the first missionaries. He penned down the majority of the New Testament.

How did he do this?

He kept his eyes fixed on Jesus, not on his past.

You do the same.

You Choose

Jesus told the young ruler “sell all you have and follow me”. The man hung his head and walked away.

Jesus told the lady at the well that He was the Messiah. The lady left, gladly proclaiming Christ.

How do you respond to Jesus’ word for you? Do you reject Him, His plan, His direction–like the young man? Or do you accept Him as your Lord and follow wherever He leads–like the lady?

Spending time with Jesus results in us having to make decisions. Choose to accept rather than reject.


The Chief Cornerstone was rejected because He didn’t fit the mold they had envisioned.

This perception left people with nothing to build upon.

The qualifications and resources that you have been given may leave you feeling insecure and doubtful–but God can use it to glorify him.

Take what you’ve been given and begin building.

Do It Anyway

Jesus proclaimed that he was the Bread of Life. He told the people that through him was eternal life.

They murmured against Him.

But that didn’t change who He was, His purpose or the effect He had on those who believed.

Most likely there have been people that you’ve shared your testimony/calling/vision with that have been doubtful or rude. Don’t let their negativity affect you. Keep pressing forward in what the Lord has given you.

Someone is going to benefit from your light shining for Him.


The psalmist was unsatisfied with his life. He wasn’t content with what he had been blessed with. He became obsessed with obtaining “something better”.

So he went to prayer. He prayed for two different things to happen:

1) his situation would change

2) God would change him

Problems of covetousness fade as your heart becomes fixed on who you are in Christ. Disappointment of earthly gain vanishes when you hold to the truth that you’re living a life ordained by God.

Yes, prayer has the ability to change our situations but it also has the ability to change our hearts.

Pray to become more Christlike.


The “year of Jubilee” came about every fifty years for the Israelite people. Debts would be wiped away. Land would be restored to the original owner. Workers would become their own again.

It was a time of celebration. People had liberty—and a clean slate.

Today we are able to have a similar celebration. Not just every fifty years but every single day. Not just business problems being dealt with but our sin being wiped away.

The Lord offered that liberty to you when He paid your debt with His own blood. You can walk in that freedom from sin. And when you do you’ll have eternity to celebrate.

Sin Problem

Judah, Tamar’s father-in-law, had promised his youngest son to her since her first two husbands had died.

But then his youngest reached adulthood and he didn’t follow through with his promise to Tamar.

In retaliation Tamar dressed as a harlot, seduced her father-in-law and then made herself known to him while she carried his babies in her womb.

Utter wickedness.

Her father-in-law’s reaction: “yeh, well I had it coming.”

But sin is never justifiable. Tamar was wrong for her actions. Just the same as her father-in-law was wrong in his.

Sin never cancels out other sin. It is never the right choice.

Only the blood of Jesus has the power to negate sin. Rely only on it and the guidance of the Word to resolve unsettled situations.

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