Judah, Tamar’s father-in-law, had promised his youngest son to her since her first two husbands had died.

But then his youngest reached adulthood and he didn’t follow through with his promise to Tamar.

In retaliation Tamar dressed as a harlot, seduced her father-in-law and then made herself known to him while she carried his babies in her womb.

Utter wickedness.

Her father-in-law’s reaction: “yeh, well I had it coming.”

But sin is never justifiable. Tamar was wrong for her actions. Just the same as her father-in-law was wrong in his.

Sin never cancels out other sin. It is never the right choice.

Only the blood of Jesus has the power to negate sin. Rely only on it and the guidance of the Word to resolve unsettled situations.