Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


December 2018


Mary was carrying Jesus in her womb. She traveled to meet her cousin, Elizabeth, who was also carrying a child that would become known as John. When the two women met one another John leaped in Elisabeth’s womb because he sensed that Jesus was near.

How do you react when you acknowledge God’s presence in your life?

Are you grateful that The Lord has chosen to involve Himself into your day to day walk? Or are you put off by the fact that He wants to mold you and make you into what He would have you to be, perhaps going against your own desires?

The way you’re living, the priorities of your life will dictate how you feel about The presence of God.

Live so that, like John, you enjoy being with Jesus.

From Bad to Good

As Jesus lay asleep in the ship a storm surrounded them. The wind blew. The waves rocked the boat. The disciples were scared. They went to Jesus afraid that He was going to let them die.

Jesus said “Peace, be still.”

The winds stopped. The waves settled. The storm was gone.

With those three words Jesus showed His disciples that He truly was God.

They realized His power.

All because of a storm they went through.

In this life we will endure uncertain times. This doesn’t mean Jesus has abandoned us or that He doesn’t care. It’s in these difficult times that we can see God’s power.

Run to Him.

Be amazed by the God you serve.


Money was what kept the Roman soldiers from telling what had really happened to the body of Christ.

They had traded spreading the resurrection of Jesus for temporary pleasure.

Sometimes we neglect to spread the gospel. We decide that for whatever reason (whether it be money, pride, etc.) it isn’t worth it.

But we are wrong. Spreading the joy, hope and peace that we have is worth whatever it is that we may have to sacrifice.

May we always be blessed with enlightened eyes to recognize the decisions we are making for what they really are.

Keep at it

Silas, Timothy and Paul were led of the Spirit to preach Jesus to the Jews in Corinth.

The message wasn’t well received and neither were they.

But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t quit preaching Jesus. Discouragement didn’t keep them from moving forward in their calling to spread the gospel.

They just dusted themselves off and kept on working.

They could do this because they knew what they would be held accountable for: spreading the Gospel, not how people reacted.

You may not be getting the results you have anticipated or hoped for. But as long as you are following the guidance of the Spirit rest assured you are doing good and right and your work will stand the fire.

God’s Leading

God told the children of Israel that they couldn’t enter Canaan until the oldest generations had passed away.

So why didn’t they just kill those folks to get there faster? Wouldn’t that have worked?

If you are thinking “no!!”; I’d have to agree with you.

The Children knew that if they killed the people they would be going against God’s law “thou shalt not kill”.

They wouldn’t be rewarded for wrongdoing. It wouldn’t have helped out. It would have made it worse.

So let’s put that on a smaller scale.

How often do we take matters into our own hands even when it goes directly against God’s will? What do we wrongfully compromise to get an intended end result?

Your temporary fixes won’t help your situation.

Follow God’s guiding throughout the entire journey. His will, and timetable, are always perfect.


Zacchaeus stood along the crowded streets. He was small in stature and unable to see around the people that had gathered. This meant he wouldn’t be able to see Jesus as he passed by.

But the Lord didn’t write Zacchaeus off as unreachable. He knew that Zaccheus was willing to talk. God provided a sturdy sycamore tree for Zacchaeus to climb so that their conversation could take place.

Now he was able to look upon the Lord, to talk with him and to eventually become converted as a follower of Christ.

We all had something to overcome before we came to Christ. That something was sin.

But Jesus provided for us too. He shed His perfect blood for us. Now we are able to see Him, converse with Him and become one of His children.

God always provides what is needed for people to become one of His.

As you move forward in your walk with Jesus continue to look to Him to supply your every need.

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