The coming of Christ was a new beginning for Mary, Joseph and the world. Both Matthew and Luke record many details of his coming that can help us to be revived, or start anew.

Mary, for instance, experienced a great change on a random day that not only affected her but also humankind. ~Today could be the day that your something new takes place.~

Joseph thought on what the angel told him. He considered how to deal with his espoused wife. His decision to stay with Mary was a result of his way of thinking. ~For a new way of life our thoughts need to be heavenly minded.~

Surely the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem wasn’t the smoothest of travels. A pregnant lady, riding a donkey only to find that there wasn’t a place for them to stay?? I’d say that there were frustrations. But in the midst of the frustrations the Savior of the world was born. ~New beginnings aren’t always easy but if they’re of the Lord, they’re worth it.~

Jesus was born!!! This place was forever changed. ~Experiencing God’s presence in your life will change you forever.~

While you’re looking to close out this year let the account of the nativity be a narrative on how to approach the new one coming. The old has passed away, all things are new!