As the shepherds stood before the angel they must’ve experienced emotions other than happiness. Maybe they faced fear, reluctance, doubt, even annoyance.

But the message that was given to them”fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy” spoke straight to their souls, abolishing all fleshly concerns.

The message is still capable of speaking to us today.

Maybe you haven’t experienced the “great joy” The Lord has to offer you through salvation. Or maybe you have but continue to shut Him out of certain areas in your life, because you fear His reaction. But just as the angel had spoken all those years ago…Fear not. He wants to bring you glad tidings of great joy:

Fear isn’t a reason to try to keep secrets from Jesus. He has come to save you, encourage you, comfort you and be faithful to you. He only wants what is good for you. Accept His presence, guidance and love to experience the great joy that He has to offer.