Zacchaeus stood along the crowded streets. He was small in stature and unable to see around the people that had gathered. This meant he wouldn’t be able to see Jesus as he passed by.

But the Lord didn’t write Zacchaeus off as unreachable. He knew that Zaccheus was willing to talk. God provided a sturdy sycamore tree for Zacchaeus to climb so that their conversation could take place.

Now he was able to look upon the Lord, to talk with him and to eventually become converted as a follower of Christ.

We all had something to overcome before we came to Christ. That something was sin.

But Jesus provided for us too. He shed His perfect blood for us. Now we are able to see Him, converse with Him and become one of His children.

God always provides what is needed for people to become one of His.

As you move forward in your walk with Jesus continue to look to Him to supply your every need.