Saul hated David. He spent a lot of his time as God’s anointed king of Israel seeking to kill him.

David, in turn had spent a lot of his time running from Saul. His life had become consumed with outsmarting Saul and his men.

After a day of hunting David, Saul fell asleep in a cave. Unbeknownst to him, David was in that same cave. David’s opportunity for revenge had presented itself.

But David wouldn’t kill Saul. He didn’t want to kill the man anointed of The Lord.

David could’ve avenged himself. He might have felt relief and satisfaction for a while. But David knew that those feelings wouldn’t last with him the way that guilt for going against God would. By not returning evil with evil David was able to stay free of the burden of guilt, free from regret and free from sorrow.

The teachings of Jesus may at times seem restricting and unfair. But in reality Jesus’ teachings are always freeing and He is always just.