In the Old Testament Elijah called fire down from heaven to consume the burnt sacrifices. This was used to remind the Israelites that God was the one to be reverenced, not Baal. This act led the entire nation of Israel back to God.

The New Testament records James and John being with Jesus during his ministry on earth. They were near him when he was rejected by the Samaritans. Immediately they asked if they could call down fire to destroy the people for their rudeness, citing Elijah’s fire experience.

Jesus said “I’m not here to destroy man. I’m here to save them.”

That was the difference between Elijah’s fire experience and James and John’s. Elijah wanted to save. James and John wanted to destroy.

We have power through Jesus. We need to be sure that our intentions line up with the Word and that we use the gifts we’ve been given to lead others to Jesus instead of condemning them.