Elijah had an ordained meeting with a widowed woman. He was able to receive a meal from the last of her ingredients and then watched as her supply was replenished again and again. He knew that the blessing was from the Lord, that the meeting, the entire situation was divinely appointed. She, on the other hand was unsure.

Later Elijah returned to that same woman. Her son had fallen ill and died. Elijah prayed over him and the boy was brought back to life. Again, Elijah knew from whom the power came, from whom the blessings flowed.

The resurrection of her son finally caused the woman to believe that Elijah was a man of God.

Thankfully, Elijah was faithful to minister even when the audience had been skeptical.

He could do this because his confidence was rightly placed in God, not in the approval of the woman.

Know that the callings that are placed on your life are from Christ. Then boldly go forth, regardless of feedback of those affected.