Naaman knew that God was able to cleanse him of his leprosy by just speaking a word. But instead of being prayed over and walking away cleansed Naaman had to do something. He had to dip himself in the river seven times. This highly irritated Naaman. He knew it was unnecessary because God could just heal him. He pouted around and turned away before he finally surrender to doing things God’s way. As soon as he followed God’s plan he was healed.

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever petitioned God about something and then expected it to just happen? Of course it can work like that but sometimes God requires more from us. I doubt that a person will become a bible scholar without ever studying the word. Or rarely does a person instantly become a great pianist without ever playing before.

Often times we are asked to aid in the answering of our prayers. Not because God isn’t perfectly capable of answering them on His own but so that our faith will grow in Him.

II Kings 5:1-15