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Using the Word to Encourage Others


October 2018


The rain and snow come down to fill the land with growth, to cause it to flourish. At the root of a farmer’s success is precipitation. Without it he wouldn’t have income, wouldn’t live for lack of nourishment.

And so it is for a Christian.

Isaiah likens the Word of God to the rain and snow. Without the Word a Christian won’t be able to produce fruit. A Christian would lack nourishment, taking away the opportunity to thrive and flourish.

That’s how important God’s Word is to His children, His church. Treat it as a commodity that you can’t live without. Cherish it. Use it. Pray for it to be constant in your everyday life.


Not only did Mary pour the ointment on Jesus’ head, she then used it to wipe his feet. We’re left with the impression that there wasn’t any ointment remaining in the box. I am fully persuaded that she sacrificed all of it to honor her Lord.

Paul teaches that we are to present ourselves to Christ as a living sacrifice. I encourage you to follow Mary’s lead: hold nothing back for Jesus. Be completely devoted to Christ alone.


In the Old Testament Elijah called fire down from heaven to consume the burnt sacrifices. This was used to remind the Israelites that God was the one to be reverenced, not Baal. This act led the entire nation of Israel back to God.

The New Testament records James and John being with Jesus during his ministry on earth. They were near him when he was rejected by the Samaritans. Immediately they asked if they could call down fire to destroy the people for their rudeness, citing Elijah’s fire experience.

Jesus said “I’m not here to destroy man. I’m here to save them.”

That was the difference between Elijah’s fire experience and James and John’s. Elijah wanted to save. James and John wanted to destroy.

We have power through Jesus. We need to be sure that our intentions line up with the Word and that we use the gifts we’ve been given to lead others to Jesus instead of condemning them.

Through the Fire

Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego were publicly facing the biggest trial of their lives. They stood in the midst of the fiery furnace as onlookers and King Nebuchadnezzar stared in awe.

Instead of seeing three men bound and scorched they were watching four men walk through the fire, loosened and unharmed.

The fourth man was likened unto the Son of God.

What type of a testimony do you live as you’re going through trials in your life?

Are you viewed as a person that gets bound by the circumstances and falls apart under pressure? Or can people look at your situation and see Jesus walking right there beside you, strengthened by Him?

Jesus will gladly walk with you through the fires of your life. Be willing to seek Him for guidance and support.


Why should we do what the Lord has called us to do? According to Ephesians 4:12 we should work for Jesus to:

1) help God’s people grow in Him

2) see souls saved

3) encourage the church

Following through with the calling God has placed on your life doesn’t affect just you.

Choose to accept what Jesus has laid before you. Make a positive difference.

Spread Love

Christians seem to focus a lot on abstaining from sin to be a good witness to the world…rightfully so.

I want to encourage you to add to that. Put forth effort to show Jesus’ love: be patient, joyful, gentle, faithful, loving, etc.

We are to “practice what we preach”. If you are preaching Jesus, Love, then you should be spreading it.

You Can!

Bulrushes, slime and pitch. Those aren’t the components that you would think are needed to make a life saving device.

But those are the exact things that were available to Moses’ mother when she made the the ark that Moses’ floated to safety in.

Sometimes we get bogged down thinking “if only I had this then I would be better off”.

Look around. Because if God has called you to do it then He has provided you with the necessary resources. With the desire for obedience, the willingness to work according to it and faith in God you will be influential.

You may have to get creative like Moses’ momma did and you’ll definitely have to trust that Jesus can bless it. But with God all things are possible. So stop wishful thinking, take what The Lord has given you and get to work.

God’s Power Remains

Elijah prophesied to King Ahab that there wouldn’t be any rain or dew in his land for years. Then God sent him out of the town to go dwell in the wilderness.

A drought came upon the place, just as Elijah had said it would. Even though Elijah wasn’t in the land any longer God’s power remained.

The Lord may put you in a situation only for a while or only to speak a few words. Give it your best efforts though because the effects can be felt long after you’re gone.


Esau couldn’t stand the hunger pains any longer. He could think of nothing else other than the moment he was living in.

So when Jacob offered him a measly meal in exchange for his birthright Esau jumped at the chance.

He lost sight of his future for a moment of satisfaction.

Weigh out the consequences of your choices. Jesus always provides a way out. Take it.

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