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Using the Word to Encourage Others


September 2018


Moses climbed up the mountain ready to do his part in the battle against the Amaleks. His job was seemingly simple. All he had to do was hold the rod of God in the air and the Israelite people would prevail.

But as the battle raged on Moses tired of his task. When he would put his arm down to rest the Amaleks would take the lead.

In stepped Aaron and Hur. They came to Moses’ aid by holding his arm up for him. Because of their help Moses was able to lead the Israelites to victory.

Who comes to your side when you’re facing a battle? Which friends can you count on to encourage you, to help you succeed in doing God’s will for your life? Ask The Lord who those people are and then strengthen those relationships. If you can’t think of anyone pray that Jesus will send you Godly friends.


Have you ever felt like you were part of a monotonous cycle? Like every day was the same thing, just repeated over again and again?

The author of Ecclesiastes seemed to feel that way. The first eleven verses of the book are hard to read.

And then I noticed why: God wasn’t the focus. The problem was.

We get into ruts when we neglect to focus on Jesus. When we take our eyes off of Him to focus on our problems.

Focus on Jesus for purpose. He’ll fill your life with meaning.


Their houses weren’t the best. Their clothes weren’t the greatest. They barely had enough food to eat.

They couldn’t figure it out. The money they were making seemed to be held in a bag with holes. It seemed as if they were always spinning their wheels, never getting ahead.

Then The Lord revealed to them the cause of their problems: unwise financial choices. He pointed out the house of God as it laid in ruins, untouched, uncared for. No one was willing to give to the rebuilding of the temple because they were too concerned with making sure they were taken care of.

Their money wasn’t being invested in the things of God.

Do you feel like you can’t get out of the hole? Or that you have to live just scraping by? If so take a look at where your money is going. If God isn’t on the list put Him there, at the top. Or if you believe that you are investing in the work of The Lord but aren’t seeing a good turnaround check and make sure what you are supporting. Dig a little deeper into the ministry to make sure that it is lifting up Jesus and not just a front to scheme money.

Being blessed financially begins with giving The Lord His portion first.

To-Do Lists

People tend to weigh out decisions by making a “Pros & Cons” list. That’s a great idea. It really can be very helpful.

Until you start weighing out whether or not to do what The Lord has laid on your heart.

At that point you should throw the list out the window and take advice from Mary, mother of Jesus: “whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”

Because the Christian that is obedient has already found the “pro” that outweighs all of the “cons” combined.

“Worthy are the Nameless”

So thankful for the opportunity to teach at Joines Chapel over the weekend.

No Fear

The woman didn’t fear a snowstorm. She was ready. She had warm clothes for herself and her household.

Understand that there will be “storms” in your life. Prepare for them: wrap yourself in strength and honor by relying solely on Jesus, living according to the Word.

Because more important than the When? What? Why? and Where? of the storm is the Who you’ll be facing it with.

Trusting Jesus takes the fear out of the future.

Proverbs 31:21


The Israelites could’ve died out in Babylon. They could’ve seen their captivity as the end of them. They could’ve given up all hope.

Instead they chose to listen to their God and grow. They built houses, they grew gardens, they expanded their families. They made the best of the situation because The Lord told them that this wasn’t their end. He told them to multiply, to become strong because in seventy years they wouldn’t be captive any longer.

God gave them something to work toward.

Sometimes we feel misplaced. But God knows exactly where we are. He can use your situation for good. Look at it as an opportunity for growth. Ask for a vision to get you through the difficult period. Ask God to give you a goal to reach for.

Make the best of every season of life.

Strength Training

Want to find strength in the Word?

Try praying scripture. And then allow the Spirit to comfort you.

For example:

Scripture: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (I John 1:9)

Prayer: “Jesus, thank you. All I need to do is to tell you about my sin. Every time I can count on you to hear my prayer for forgiveness. You are able to forgive me because through the shedding of Your blood you’ve paid the cost. You’ve cleansed me of my sin by blotting it out with your sacrifice. I no longer stand before you unclean, for You, Jesus, have given me a robe of righteousness.

I praise You for this forgiveness. It is all I need. I praise you for my sin being cast away. For the covering of your blood. For the strengthening of me, your chosen child.”


The spies were sent in to scope out Canaan.

Two very different reports came back.

The majority of the people reported danger and probable defeat. They told of the giants and large number of inhabitants. They painted a picture of fear and dread to the Israelites.

Joshua and Caleb, on the other hand, came back talking of the wonder of the land. The supply of flowing milk and honey. The grapes that were so large that it took men to carry them. The vision they gave was given eagerly, spoken in encouragement, hope and satisfaction.

All men were looking in the same place. But they came away with vastly different perspectives.

The difference?


Are you focused on Christ? His promises? The will He has for your life?

Or have you allowed yourself to become overwhelmed with fear and discouragement because what you are allowing yourself to see isn’t of the Lord?

God says “I will guide thee with mine eye.”

Try looking at your situation through the eyes of the Lord. He is always working things to your good.

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