For three days the multitude fasted in the presence of Jesus. He then offered them food before they began their journey home, so they would not faint on the way.

Food was necessary to their survival. Even though they had managed a few days without it.

Some days we neglect getting in the Word of God. Maybe we don’t feel like we have time. Or maybe we think we are strong enough in Christ to do without it. And we may not even notice a difference for a few days. Before too long we begin to believe that time in the Word isn’t really necessary.

But it is.

The Word is needed so that we don’t faint, or become weak. It is needed to strengthen us. It’s just as important in a new Christian’s walk as it is in a seasoned Child of God.

Just like the multitude was in need of food we are in need of the Word.

Don’t be deceived into thinking you can thrive without it.

Mark 8:1-3