Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


August 2018


Saul (a.k.a pre-Jesus Paul) had to constantly seek approval from his superiors on the way to live his life.

But once he surrendered to Christ the need for man’s approval vanished. Jesus became the One he answered to.

There is freedom in Jesus.

Recognize humans’ judgments for what they are: opinions. Jesus is the only one with authority in your life.

Choose Life

Saul persecuted the church. His life’s goal was to see Jesus’ followers defeated.

Then he met Jesus on Damascus Road.

Jesus didn’t call Saul a sinner, leave him to his own and tell him there wasn’t any hope.

Instead He called Saul out on his sinful lifestyle, told him He was there for him and then gave him purpose for his life.

Are you living defeated in your past mistakes? Do you wallow in the wrongs you have done and feel like there isn’t any hope?

Those feelings aren’t of The Lord.

Yes, He calls sin sin, but then he willingly forgives it. He doesn’t bring it back up to beat you down. He stretches out His hand for you to rise up in Him. He gives you a hope and a future filled with promise.

Be conscience of which voice you’re listening to.  One is life. One is death.

Choose life.

Your Weapon

“For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword…”

With that piece of scripture we can feel confident enough to go up against the schemes of the devil anytime. We have the Word of God. What a powerful weapon to fight the enemy with!

But what about using the “weapon” to protect ourselves?

For example:

Proverbs 15:1 says, in part, “a soft answer turneth away wrath…” Most likely there have been many arguments fought with “I am going to kill them with kindness”. Answers are spoken quietly but turmoil rages within.

How about taking that same scripture and allowing it “to protect you” instead of “fight for you”? Truly speak a soft answer with a gentle spirit. Not to win an argument, but in obedience to the Word. In doing so you will find peace for yourself. The wrath within you vanishes. You can see more clearly, the heat of the moment passes and you are blessed by the overwhelming presence of your God.

Use your weapon wisely.

From Doubtful to Hopeful

Back to the Start

Jesus was in the midst of persecution. People looked to bring him harm. They were trying to capture him.

But He escaped. He went to a place where He was reminded of who He was. He went to the Jordan River, where John had been known to baptize people.

Maybe it was even the place that He had been baptized.

What a place to go to for strength.

The beginning.

If you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed I encourage you to go back to when The Lord saved you. Remember that He has a purpose for you. That you’re His. And that you have a blessed future in store.

John 10:39-42

Needed for Growth

For three days the multitude fasted in the presence of Jesus. He then offered them food before they began their journey home, so they would not faint on the way.

Food was necessary to their survival. Even though they had managed a few days without it.

Some days we neglect getting in the Word of God. Maybe we don’t feel like we have time. Or maybe we think we are strong enough in Christ to do without it. And we may not even notice a difference for a few days. Before too long we begin to believe that time in the Word isn’t really necessary.

But it is.

The Word is needed so that we don’t faint, or become weak. It is needed to strengthen us. It’s just as important in a new Christian’s walk as it is in a seasoned Child of God.

Just like the multitude was in need of food we are in need of the Word.

Don’t be deceived into thinking you can thrive without it.

Mark 8:1-3

Kingdom Growth

Leaven is a substance used to make bread rise. Once it is mixed in the flour it literally grows, transforming the dough.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God is likened to leaven.

So what does that mean?

It means that even though news reports are discouraging and that there are terrible things going on in this world, we can know and rest assured that souls are still yet being won over to Christ. The kingdom of God is not being snuffed out. It, like the leaven, is growing.

Keep working for Jesus. He’s using you to make a difference.

Luke 13:20-21


Jephthah knew his history. He knew how God delivered time after time. He was able to quote the battles. To find strength from the victories. To be bold when faced by the enemy.

Not because he lived through all of those battles. Most of what he referenced happened three hundred years prior to the battle he was facing.

But because he knew that The Lord had always been faithful to his people he put his confidence in the one true God.

The Bible gives us an entire collection of accounts where God was faithful to his children. Get into his word. Study it out. Be strengthened by what it has to offer.

Jesus has never failed his chosen ones. He won’t begin with you. Find hope in his Word.

Judges 11:12-28

You Can!

Unlearned and ignorant. Those two words were used by the Sadducees to describe Peter and John.

Peter and John, the same men that were filled with the Holy Spirit. The men that were a huge influence on thousands of people in their day. The men that preached Jesus. The men that were successful in reaching others for Christ.

Aren’t you glad that God’s plan for us isn’t affected by other people’s opinion?

You are every bit qualified to be used by God. Don’t let the world tell you different.

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